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Quote1 Soon the Flying Dutchman shall find the sleep so long denied to him! Quote2
The Flying Dutchman (Joost van Straaten)

Appearing in "..To Steal the Surfer's Soul!"

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Synopsis for "..To Steal the Surfer's Soul!"

Brief Summary:
The Ghost continues his rampage on the city when the Silver Surfer confronts him. The battle is intense, but the Surfer prevails by pulling his power from the reaches of infinite space. Mephisto gives the Ghost more power, but he refuses to fight anymore. He slowly fades away and Mephisto vows to never accept defeat.

Silver Surfer Vol 1 9 001

Detailed Summary:
With the Ghost as his pawn, Mephisto lures the Surfer back to Earth and guides him into battling the Ghost, who has been terrorizing the people of New York City. As the two battle, the Surfer and the Ghost appear to be equally matched, with the Surfer refusing to give up his soul. Mephisto decides to secretly join the battle on Earth and help the Ghost with his battle.

The Ghost grabs a human hostage and threatens to kill her if the Surfer doesn't give up his soul. He falters, not wanting to lose his soul and also not wanting an innocent to suffer. This makes the Surfer open to the Ghost's laser attack, because he does not want to strike back for fear of hurting the human. He determines to use the Power Cosmic as never before, by gathering his power from the infinite reaches of space and harnessing it. He uses it to launch a pinpoint strike at the Ghost, disabling him and freeing the hostage.

The Ghost fails in collecting the Surfers soul. Wrought with guilt over the Surfer's chastising for threatening an innocent, the Ghost renounces Mephisto. Despite Mephisto's threats, the Ghost begins to fade back to limbo. However the Surfer sheds a tear over the torment of the Ghost's soul, thus breaking the curse, freeing him from the bondage of limbo, and giving him eternal rest. Mephisto departs, but not before vowing to never accept defeat.

Solicit Synopsis

The Ghost is banished! But not the way you'd expect! A sensation!


  • The Silver Surfer has apparently heard of the legend of the Flying Dutchman.

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