Quote1 Soon the Flying Dutchman shall find the sleep so long denied to him! Quote2
-- Ghost

Appearing in "-- To Steal the Surfer's Soul!"

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Other Characters:

  • Bill, a policeman




Synopsis for "-- To Steal the Surfer's Soul!"

With the Ghost as his pawn, Mephisto lures the Surfer back to Earth, and forces him into battling the Ghost who has been terrorizing the people of New York City. As the two battle, the Surfer and the Ghost appear to be equally matched, with the Surfer refusing to give up his soul.

When the Ghost grabs a human hostage, the Surfer is bombarded by an attacks from the Ghost, not wanting to attack for far of harming the Ghost hostage. Finally figuring a way to strike the Ghost without harming his hostage, the Ghost fails in collecting the Surfers soul. Wrought with guilt over the Surfer's chastising for using an innocent against the Surfer, the Ghost renounces Mephisto, who then begins to banish the Ghost back to Limbo. However, the Surfer, truly understanding the torment of the Ghost's soul, sheds a single tear, which breaks the Ghost's curse freeing him from Mephisto's control and allows him to finally reach his eternal rest while Mephisto retreats.

Solicit Synopsis

The Ghost is banished! But not the way you'd expect! A sensation!


  • No letters page is published this issue.
  • Mephisto previously appeared last issue and will appear again in Silver Surfer #16.

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