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Synopsis for "Space Is... Eternity!"

Continued from last issue... Having failed to destroy Galactus, the Elders of the Universe: Grandmaster, Collector, Champion, Runner, and Gardener, are all consumed by Galactus for their failure. Galactus then charges Nova with collecting the final elders: Contemplator, the Astronomer, Possessor, and the Trader. Silver Surfer agrees to help her in her quest, under the condition Galactus promises to leave Zenn-La alone in the future, to which Galactus agrees. Speeding off to start their mission, the Surfer stops Nova and prompts her to witness as Galactus (showing his true form) meeting with Eternity. The two cosmic beings discuss the recent events set into motion due to the current Kree/Skrull war. After the meeting, Nova is awestruck by how grand everything really is.

While on the world of Kree-Lar, Aptak (using his form and status as a "diplomat" of the world Waziliah) to visit with Nenora, who has succeeded the now-mad Supreme Intelligence as leader of the Kree. In private, Aptak marvels at how Nenora, really a Skrull spy now rules over their greatest enemies. However, Aptak makes a fatal error that Nenora intends to use this to benefit the Skrulls when he finds that Nenora has poisoned the drink she gave him. As Aptak dies, Nenora reveals that she intends to rule the Kree empire for her own gain.

While back in space, Galactus finds that consuming the Elders is proving difficult to absorb, unaware that Death is watching him.

This story is continued next issue....

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