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Quote1 Shall we go see more universe, Surfer? It may not be fabulous after Eternity, but can't be too bad! Quote2
Nova (Frankie Raye)

Appearing in "Space Is... Eternity!"

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Synopsis for "Space Is... Eternity!"

Brief Summary:
Galactus consumes the remaining Elders of the Universe in revenge and asks Nova and the Silver Surfer to find the remaining Elder for him. Before the two leave on their mission, they secretly watch Galactus meet with Eternity. Meanwhile, Nenora becomes the Kree's Supreme Leader and starts to kill off people who know her secret: that she is really a Skrull spy.

Silver Surfer Vol 3 10 page 1

Detailed Summary:
Having failed to destroy Galactus, the remaining Elders of the Universe (Grandmaster, Collector, Champion, Runner, and Gardener) are all consumed by Galactus as an act of revenge. Galactus then charges Nova with collecting the final elder: the Contemplator. Silver Surfer agrees to help her in her quest, under the condition that Galactus promises to leave Zenn-La alone in the future. Galactus agrees and they speed off to start their mission. However, the Surfer stops Nova and prompts her to witness as Galactus (showing his true form) meets with Eternity. The two cosmic beings discuss the recent events set into motion due to the current Kree/Skrull war. After the meeting, Nova is awestruck by how really enormous is the universe.

While on Kree-Lar, Aptak (impersonating a diplomat from Waziliah) visits with Nenora who has succeeded the now insane Supreme Intelligence as leader of the Kree. In private Aptak marvels at how Nenora, a Skrull spy, now rules over their greatest enemies. However, Aptak is poisoned by Nenora. As Aptak dies, Nenora reveals that she intends to rule the Kree empire for her own gain and is planning to kill everyone who knows about her secret.

While back in space, Galactus finds that consuming the Elders is proving difficult and is unaware that Death is watching him.


  • The Soul Gems and three of the Elders of the Universe (Trader, Possessor, and Astronomer) were sucked into a black hole during their fight with Galactus. [1]
  • The Silver Surfer and Nova first met when he saved her from the Skrulls. [2]
  • The Champion was defeated by the Silver Surfer while he was still on Earth. [2]
  • The Runner failed to kill the Silver Surfer during their previous battle. [3]
  • The Silver Surfer and Nova destroyed the Obliterator's weapons and stranded him on a remote planet. [4]
  • The Contemplator was last seen by the Silver Surfer on Hala with the Supreme Intelligence. [5]
  • The Elders of the Universe captured Mantis and Shalla-Bal in order to force the Silver Surfer to give them the last Soul Gem. Mantis apparently died during the confrontation. [1]
  • Galactus reveals that the time Silver Surfer spent on Earth is just a fraction of the time he spent as Galactus' herald, which is just a fraction of the life-span of a Zenn-Lavian.
  • The Silver Surfer betrayed Galactus to in order to save Earth. [6]
  • The Celestial, Jemiah the Analyzer, appear in the Skrull Empire, which pressured the Skrulls to attack the Kree and initiate the second Kree-Skrull War. [4]
  • The Kree threatened to occupy Zenn-La, but were repelled by the Silver Surfer. [5]
  • The Silver Surfer was trapped in the Supreme Intelligence's mind, but escaped from it with the Soul Gem. [7]


  • As reported by Marvel: this issue was the sixth best-selling direct sales title for the publisher during the month that it was released. [8]

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