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Quote1 I did not choose to serve him! I chose to save my world, and serving him was the price! Quote2
Silver Surfer (Norrin Radd)

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Synopsis for "Nova"

Brief Summary:
Based on a tip from Nenora, the Silver Surfer and Nova head to the Coalsack to find the Contemplator. They battle some space pirates before following them back to their hideout. Once there, they find disguises and attend the boss pirate's party. At the party they get into another fight with pirates before they are captured by the boss, Captain Reptyl. Meanwhile, another Silver Surfer attacks and destroys a Kree outpost.

Silver Surfer Vol 3 11 page 1

Detailed Summary:
On the trail of the Contemplator, the Silver Surfer and Nova go to the planet Kree-Lar his last known location. There they find that Nenora is in control of the empire following the Supreme Intelligence becoming insane. She tells them that following the Surfers battle against the Supreme Leader, the Contemplator fled among the stars that ring the Coalsack. The Coalsack is a nebulous region of space which has become home to a band of space pirates. Before leaving Nenora and the Surfer call a truce.

Upon their arrival in the area, they are attacked by space pirates whom they easily dispatch. Entering the Coalsack to follow the fleeing pirates, Nova tries to go off on her own, but finds the nebulous membrane within the Coalsack makes travel almost impossible. Using their powers to "see" the radiation trails created by the pirates' vessels, they follow the path they need to take in order to get to the pirates' lair.

Finding the pirates' lair, the Surfer and Nova steal some clothing and decide try to learn about the Contemplators' whereabouts. Meanwhile, at a Kree outpost someone posing as the Silver Surfer arrives and is greeted by the Kree soldiers there. This imposter then destroys the entire base, killing all the Kree soldiers within.

Back in the Coalsack, the Silver Surfer and Nova manage to sneak their way into a party being thrown by the leader of the space pirates. There the Surfer and Nova find that they are developing feelings for one another. However, things get hairy when a pirate who has taken a liking to Nova tries to pick a fight with the Surfer. Ultimately the brawl leads to Nova blowing their cover, just as the pirates' leader Captain Reptyl (followed by the Contemplator) arrives and neutralizes them both.


  • The Silver Surfer and Nova are searching for the Contemplator per Galactus' request. [1]
  • The Silver Surfer became Galactus' herald to save Zenn-La. [2]
  • The Elders of the Universe's plan destroy Galactus was ruined with the intervention of the Silver Surfer and Nova. [3]
  • The Supreme Intelligence's mind was destroyed by the Silver Surfer when he escape from it. [4]
  • The Silver Surfer came to the Supreme Intelligence to ask for a truce for Zenn-La and him from the Kree-Skrull War. [5]
  • The Silver Surfer is still saddened by the death of Mantis during their fight with the Elders of the Universe. [3]
  • The Silver Surfer's initial disguise at the space pirate's hideout is an outfit that he has worn a number of times while trapped on Earth: a fedora and trench coat. [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [4]
  • The Silver Surfer betrayed Galactus in order to save the Earth. [11]
  • The Silver Surfer that attacked the Kree outpost in this issue is actually the Skrull named Bartak. He originally impersonated the Silver Surfer at the deathbed of Captain Marvel. [12]


  • The "Bulletin Board" letter column has letters published from: Charles Novinskie, Ole Olsen, James Parker, Henry Kujawa, Floyd Barber, and Wilfred DeVoe.
  • As reported by Marvel: this issue was the sixth best-selling direct sales title for the publisher during the month that it was released. [13]

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