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Deciding to take a break from their travels, Genis-Vell persuades a very reluctant Silver Surfer to join him for some relaxation on Sylloqonia, a planet dedicated to pleasure to the extent the entire surface of the world is one enormous go-go bar. Whilst the Surfer is less than pleased at the casual hedonism on display, he is persuaded to sit and drink with Genis-Vell - although they don't get off to a great start, as Surfer inadvertently orders them "drinks" consisting of green slime filled with bugs.

The Surfer's disgust with Sylloqonia and Genis-Vell's debauchery grows, until he issues an ultimatum; if the young Legacy hasn't joined him above the planet within the hour, then the Surfer will leave him here. Before he can carry through on his plan, the two spot a furtive, blue-skinned female - when they investigate, they learn that this is actually the escaped criminal Nebula, who mistakes them as having come to recapture her. She attacks them with a kinetic-psion power-blaster, stunning Genis-Vell before fleeing outside with the Surfer in hot pursuit.

Whilst Genis-Vell tries to rejoin his partner, he is interrupted when he finds himself "helped up" by Baby Driver, who transforms into her reptilian form and accosts him. Outside, Nebula blasts a pleasure cruiser, forcing the Surfer to rescue it as she escapes, only to then use her holographic image driver to assume Genis-Vell's form. Feigning distress, she waits until the Surfer saves her, and then jams a grenade in his mouth, where it promptly explodes.

Inside, Genis-Vell finally hurls Baby Driver away with a blast of energy, only to stop when he sees her crying. To his shame, he finds out that he's been completely misunderstanding her comments about wanting to eat him; she was actually just flirting. She claims to be in love with him, and the two make peace.

Outside, the irritated Surfer uses his Power Cosmic to transform Nebula's own armor into an imprisoning cocoon, handing her over to guards to return her to the Anvil. He meets up with Genis-Vell and Baby Driver, and the two super-heroes depart from Sylloqonia. Once in orbit, they go their seperate ways; Genis-Vell to Calculex, and the Surfer to his eternal wanderings.


  • Genis-Vell mentions that the girl/guy ratio on Sylloqonia is 335000 to 1, presumably meaning that females outnumber the males.

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