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Captain Reptyl

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The Silver Surfer and Nova have been captured by Captain Reptyl and attached to his ships' power sources. The two are slowly and painfully being drained of their powers. The Cotati are notified of this and use Clumsy Foulup to free Nova. Once released, Nova attacks the pirate spaceships until Reptyl releases the Silver Surfer. With Nova distracted, they escape back into the Coalsack. Angered by these turn of events, Reptyl attacks and kills the Contemplator.

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Detailed Summary:
Captain Reptyl has defeated the Silver Surfer and Nova and is now using them as power sources for his ships, a process that severely weakens the two and leaves them in coma-like states. After having a discussion with the Contemplator over Reptyl's promise to shield him from Galactus, the two leave the Surfer to suffer alone. Unknown to them, one of the plants on the ship sends a message about the Surfer's fate to the Cotati.

These aliens then use their influence to take control of one of Reptyl's men, Clumsy Foulup, and send him to free Nova from her captivity. However, this message is also detected by the Contemplator who tries to warn Captain Reptyl. This is delayed because when he tries to explain it to Reptyl's guard, the fearful subordinate is afraid of waking his ruthless master from his rest.

Reptyl is roused too late, as Foulup manages to free Nova (who was having visions of another Silver Surfer attacking the Kree, as well as visions of Supreme Leader Nenora appearing to be a Skrull).

Nova then attacks the fleet of pirate spaceships, damaging the ship which holds the Surfer prisoner. Reptyl, realizing that Nova is too powerful and very determined to save the Surfer, jettisons the injured Surfer into space. This creates a distraction that allows them to retreat back into the Coalsack. Angered at these events and by the Contemplator's comments, a furious Captain Reptyl attacks the Contemplator, tearing into his neck and eating him alive.

Solicit Synopsis

The Surfer and Nova are prisoners, and energy sources, for a fleet of reptilian space pirates! The Cotati make an astonishing attempt to free them! Why does the mysterious Contemplator try to stop the Cotati? And what will be the consequences to the universe if the Contemplator fails?


  • The Silver Surfer and Nova went to the Coalsack Nebula in search of the Contemplator for Galactus, but were captured by Captain Reptyl. [1]
  • The Silver Surfer and Mantis were together before she apparently died during their last battle with the Elders of the Universe. [2]
  • Clumsy Foulup took a liking to Nova when she was disguised as a pirate and looking for the Contemplator. [1]
  • Someone with the appearance and powers of the Silver Surfer has been recently attacking Kree outposts. [1]
  • The Silver Surfer and Nova meet with Supreme Leader Nenora while looking for the Contemplator and made a truce with the Kree to stay out of their Kree-Skrull War. [1]


  • As reported by Marvel: this issue was the sixth best-selling direct sales title for the publisher during the month that it was released. [3]

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