Quote1 The Name is Reptyl, Human! Remember it and tell your World! Reptyl - the Non-Human! Quote2
-- Cap'n Reptyl

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Synopsis for "Sick!"

Continued from last issue... Cap'n Reptyl has defeated the Silver Surfer and Nova, and is now using them as power sources for his ships, a process that severely weakens the two and leaves them in coma states. After having a discussion with the Contemplator over Reptyl's promise to shield him from Galactus, the two leave the Surfer be. Unknown to them, one of the plants on the ship sends a message about the Surfer's fate to the Cotati.

These aliens then use their influence to take control of one of Reptyl's men, Clumsy Foulup and sends him to free Nova from her captivity. However, this message is also detected by the Contemplator who tries to warn Cap'n Reptyl. This is delayed because when he tries to explain it to Reptyl's guard, the fearful subordinate is afraid of waking his ruthless master from his rest.

Reptyl is roused too late, as Foulup manages to free Nova (who had visions of the impostor Silver Surfer as well as learning that Nenora is really a Skrull)

Nova then attacks the pirates fleet, destroying the ship which held the Surfer prisoner, freeing him. Reptyl and his men, finding the two heroes too powerful retreat back into the Coal Sack. When they realize the Surfer and Nova will not leave them be until they have the Contemplator, a furious Cap'N Reptyl chooses to instead kill the Contemplator himself. Attacking him from behind, Reptyl gets the jump of the Contemplator and begins to eat him alive.

This story is continued next issue....

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