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Appearing in "Of Time and Truth"

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Synopsis for "Of Time and Truth"

Following the explosion in New York City, the Silver Surfer and Alicia Masters wake up in the midst of a time wave. They then find themselves in New York the year 1947! If things weren't amazing enough, Alicia is no longer blind.

Meanwhile, in New York City in Present time, Spider-Man and the Daredevil confront the Puppet Master. Before they can arrest him, a flying saucer lands and unknown beings attack them while kidnapping the Puppet Master.

Meanwhile, after abandoning Alicia Masters on 1940s Earth, the Silver Surfer heads to the solar system of his homeworld Zenn-La. On his way, he finds a comatose Galactus and sees himself in Galactus's hand, also comatose. He continues to his home planet, and finds it in ruins.

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