Quote1.png You three are guilty of attempted Revolution! Treason! So pronounces - Ronan the Accuser! Quote2.png
-- Ronan

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Synopsis for "Masques!"

Continued from last issue... Three mutinous Kree colonels try to assassinate Nenora but are intercepted and eliminated by Ronan the Accuser. Ronan then goes to Nenora, who charges him with going out and accusing the Silver Surfer, whom she believes attacked a Kree outpost (unaware that it is an impostor.) After dispatching Ronan, Nenora decides to eliminate any potential that she will be outed as a Skrull spy, and calls into her former master Kylor, and arranges for what Kylor believes to be a Skrull ambush of a Kree space fleet.

Meanwhile, within the Coalsack, the Silver Surfer and Nova find the head of the Contemplator floating in space, and realize that Cap'N Reptyl had killed the man who sought asylum in his realm. With another one of the Elders which Galactus wanted punished killed the Surfer and Nova decide to search for the others. The Surfer taking a moment to be alone in the Coal Sack to mourn the loss of Mantis. He also decides to go out and find the child of Mantis.

Exiting the Coal Sack, Nova wants to stop at the nearest civilized planet for a drink before continuing their mission. They arrive on a Kree-controlled world where the Surfer is revered as almost a god. However, they are shocked to find the people of this planet flee from him in fear. Things get even worse when Ronan appears and attacks the Surfer for his "crimes" against the Kree empire. After a battle, the Surfer easily incapacitates Ronan and he flees the planet with Nova. The Surfer is now determined to find out who's been impersonating him.

While elsewhere in space, Kylor and his fleet arrive for their "ambush" to find that it's really a trap, and they are easily destroyed. With Kylor and his men dead, nobody knows that Nenora is really a Skrull and can continue her quest for power as ruler of the Kree. While elsewhere still, S'Byll, another Skrull vying for control of their empire sends one of her men to Earth.

Finally, the Surfer and Nova track down his impostor to a desolate world where the two Surfers decide to prove who is the true sentinel of the space ways.

This story is continued next issue...


  • The Blue Kree general in command of the fleet that seemingly killed the Skrull Emperor Kylor went unnamed until his victory was mentioned in Silver Surfer (Vol. 3) #20.


  • Musician Joe Satriani had the Silver Surfer on the Cover of his 1987-Album "Surfing with the Alien", the Skrull World Satriani is most likely a reverence to the Guitarist.

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