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Quote1.png I am the one and only Silver Surfer! Galactus stole my liberty! But no one steals my individuality! Quote2.png
Silver Surfer (Norrin Radd)

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Synopsis for "Silver Mirrors!"

Brief Summary:
The two Silver Surfers fight each other, while Nova helplessly watches on the side. One Surfer prevails and the other is left unconscious. Nova leaves with the victorious Surfer, but is quickly captured by him. He reveals to her the he is actually a Skrull in disguise. Ronan the Accuser then appears and finishes the battle by vaporizing the fake Silver Surfer. Nova rushes back to find the real Silver Surfer and they embrace.

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Detailed Summary:
The Silver Surfer comes face to face with his impostor, who has been attacking Kree outposts in his name. The two Surfers battle intensely until only one Surfer remains standing. The defeated Surfer is left unconscious and, after some discussion, Nova leaves with the winning Surfer. Traveling through space, this Surfer deduces that the impostor must be a Skrull who had gone through a similar process as the Super-Skrull to gain powers similar to that of the real Silver Surfer. However, once Nova lets her guard down, the Surfer attacks and traps her revealing to her that he is really the Skrull imposter.

This faux Surfer reveals that he was sent to spy on Captain Marvel during his final days and initially pretended to be Devil Slayer, until the real Devil Slayer actually showed up. He then chose to disguise himself as the Silver Surfer, knowing that he was trapped on Earth. After the funeral for Mar-Vell this fake Surfer decided to keep up his ruse, as not many worlds knew of the Surfer's exile on the Earth. He then became augmented like the Super-Skrull so that he could mimic the Surfer's power cosmic as well. Ultimately he would be trapped in this form, much like his entire race, when the Genetics Bomb went off and trapped them all in whatever form they were in.

Just then Ronan the Accuser appears, ready to continue his battle with the Silver Sufer. The two lock in battle and ultimately Ronan wins, using his increased powers to incinerate the fake Surfer before departing. Nova races back to where she left the real Silver Surfer behind and finds that he is on his way to meet her, fully revived. The two then give into their feelings for one another and kiss.

While back on Earth, the Skrull sent out by S'Byll lands on the planet but attracts the attention of some hunters. Although they fatally shoot the Skrull, he still manages to fire off a weapon into the sky and dies knowing that he's completed his mission.

Solicit Synopsis

The Silver Surfer vs. the Silver Surfer! Can the real Surfer beat his evil twin?


  • Someone with the appearance and powers of the Silver Surfer has been recently attacking Kree outposts. [1]
  • Galactus banished the Silver Surfer to Earth for a number of years, because he had betrayed him. [2]
  • In the graphic novel Death of Captain Marvel #1, the Silver Surfer makes a cameo appearance. However, this appearance created a plot hole in the timeline of the Silver Surfer, since at this point he was still trapped on Earth and could not have traveled to Titan to attend Mar-Vell's deathbed vigil. As a way to address this error, Bartak was created. He is a Skrull spy that impersonated the Silver Surfer and was the one that actually attended Mar-Vell's vigil. Thus, keeping the Silver Surfer's chronology intact.
  • The Silver Surfer and Nova meet with Supreme Leader Nenora while looking for the Contemplator and made a truce with the Kree to stay out of their Kree-Skrull War. [1]
  • Ronan the Accuser and the Silver Surfer's previous battle ended with the Surfer victorious. [3]
  • Mantis showed the Silver Surfer how to open up his emotions when the two were together. [4]
  • Empress S'Byll dispatched her agent Krat to Earth for a secret mission. [3]

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