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-- Franklin Richards

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Synopsis for "Three Into Nothing Goes..."

Story continued from Silver Surfer Annual #1... Heeding Galactus' call for aid, the Silver Surfer goes to visit Reed and Susan Richards to ask for their help in saving Galactus. The Richards agree to come to their aid, however, are forced to bring their son Franklin along for the ride. Upon arriving at Galactus' ship, they find that the world devourer is dying due to his consumption of the immortal Elders of the Universe, and only the Soul Gems can save Galactus. These Soul Gem's were sucked into a black hole during Galactus' battle against the Elders, and so the three heroes are charged with retrieving them. Susan Richards is key because in coming into contact with the Soul Gem's they run the risk of losing their own soul to it, and Sue's powers would allow them to carry the Soul Gems without touching them.

With their mission set, they leave Franklin in the care of Nova and take a ship straight into the black hole. On the opposite side, they find themselves in a strange and bizarre reality. They track the Gem's energy signature to a planetoid where they are attacked by the Possessor and a bunch of creatures which worship him. They make short work of these attackers forcing the Possessor to call off the attack. The Possessor explains that after their arrival in this reality, he soon became worshiped by the people for having tales from another world, and decided to stay while the Trader and Astronomer left with the Soul Gems. Before they leave, Reed and the Surfer notice that Susan is acting crueler and crueler the longer they spend in this realm, and Reed begins to wonder if her Malice persona is resurfacing.

They track down the Astronomer and Trader, who boast how they've made it so that they cannot take the Soul Gems: The Trader is wearing bio-armor which keeps the Gems in a force field that can only be shut off when the wearer of the armor is killed. The three heroes fight the two Elders anyway, and during the fight, Reed is knocked out. Susan then uses her powers to make the Astronomer's limbs disappear and forces them to stop their attack. Sue then appeals to the Trader's obsession, trading to make a bargain for the Soul Gems. When the Trader makes his price: The Surfer's life, Susan pulls out a ray gun (which she had hidden invisibly on her body the whole time) and blasts the Surfer point blank in the face, seemingly killing him. She then proclaims to the Trader that she is no longer Susan Richards, but Malice.

This story is continued next issue...


  • Ron Lim takes over as regular Artist
  • around this time Mantis resurfaces in Issues of West Coast Avengers Vol 1, also written by Englehart

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