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Quote1 My Mom and Dad taught me to expect success, Nova! Quote2
Franklin Richards

Appearing in "Three Into Nothing Goes..."

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Synopsis for "Three Into Nothing Goes..."

Brief Summary:
Silver Surfer brings Mr. Fantastic, the Invisible Woman, and Franklin Richards to Galactus to help save his life. The three enter the black hole in order to find the lost Soul Gems, the only thing that can help Galactus. They locate the Gems, but they are controlled by the Elders of the Universe. They battle, until Sue offers to bargain for the Soul Gems with the Trader. He agrees to a deal and Sue shoots Silver Surfer in the head. The Gems are exchanged for the unconscious Surfer and Sue has once again become Malice.

Silver Surfer Vol 3 15 page 4

Detailed Summary:
Heeding Galactus' call for aid, the Silver Surfer goes to visit Reed and Susan Richards to ask for their help in saving Galactus. The Richards agree to come to his aid and decide to bring their son Franklin along for the ride. Upon arriving at Galactus' ship, they find that the world-devourer is dying due to his consumption of the immortal Elders of the Universe and only the Soul Gems can save Galactus. The Soul Gems were sucked into a black hole during Galactus' battle against the Elders and the three heroes are charged with retrieving them. The Silver Surfer will navigate through the black hole but Susan Richards' forcefield powers are key, because directly touching the Soul Gems will run the risk of losing your soul to them.

With their mission set, they leave Franklin in the care of Nova and take a ship straight into the black hole. On the other side they find themselves in a strange and bizarre reality, the Magick Realm. They track the Soul Gems' energy signatures to a planetoid where they are attacked by the Possessor and a bunch of creatures who worship him, the Sinalinas. The heroes make short work of these attackers. The Possessor explains that after the Elders' arrival in this reality, he soon caught the attention of the Sinalinas for having tales from another world. He decided to stay while the Trader and Astronomer left to find the other the Soul Gems. Before they leave, Reed notices that Susan is acting crueler and crueler the longer they spend in this realm and he begins to wonder if her Malice persona is resurfacing.

They track down the Astronomer and Trader who now possess all the Soul Gems. The Trader is wearing bio-armor which keeps the Gems in a force field that can only be shut off if he is killed, which will never happen as long as he is immortal. The three heroes fight the two Elders anyway, and during the fight, Reed is knocked out. Susan then uses her powers to make the Astronomer's limbs disappear which forces them to stop their attack. Sue then appeals to the Trader's obsession, trading, to make a bargain for the Soul Gems. The Trader agrees and she reveals a ray gun (which she had made invisible) and blasts the Surfer point blank in the face, incapacitating him. She then proclaims to the Trader that she is no longer Susan Richards, but Malice.

Solicit Synopsis

The Elders of the Universe have tried repeatedly to kill the Silver Surfer. But now, the Surfer, along with the Fantastic Four’s Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman, must plunge into the heart of a black hole to save the Elder’s lives – and through them, save Galactus!


  • Nova asked for the Silver Surfer's help in saving Galactus' life and he specifically asked for Reed and Sue Richards. [1]
  • The Elders of the Universe failed in their attempt to kill Galactus and become the next universe's Galactus. [2]
  • This isn't the first time the Silver Surfer has traveled through a black hole. During his time as Galactus' herald, the Surfer traveled through a black hole to see what was on the other side. [3]
  • The Silver Surfer is still saddened over the apparent death of Mantis. [4]
  • During the Elders of the Universe's battle with Galactus, three of the Elders (Trader, Possessor, and Astronomer) got sucked into a nearby black hole. [2]


  • Ron Lim takes over as the regular artist of the title.

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