Quote1.png For too long have I been bereft of souls of consequence! Warlock's was the last one, but the soul of this Being fills a great Void! Quote2.png
-- Soul Gem

Appearing in "Malice: A 'Four' Thought"

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Synopsis for "Malice: A 'Four' Thought"

Continued from last issue... Susan Richards has lapsed back into her Malice persona and has obtained the Soul Gems for her own gain and intends to let Galactus die. Meanwhile, the Silver Surfer has been linked to the Trader's Bio-Armor making him their slave, however, the Surfer refuses to do their bidding. However, Reed Richards suggests to them that while they may be immortal in their home universe, the laws of this one may be different and that they can also be killed. Reed also tells them that without their aid they would be trapped, and promises that if they let the Surfer go, they will help them return to Earth's dimension after Reed rescues his wife. The Astronomer agrees and the Surfer is let free.

On the trail of Sue, Reed explains that Susan's sudden chaotic behavior and Reed's excessively logical stance is due to the nature of the reality that they are in and that perhaps everything is bound by the entities Master Order and Lord Chaos. Reed and the Surfer track down Sue to the entrance to this reality where they board her ship. There they battle Sue to try and gain control of the Soul Gems. However, they are distracted from their fight when a ship containing the Fantastic Four and Dr. Doom fly past them. During this moment of distraction, the Soul Gem touches Reed and takes possession of his body.

The entity within the Soul Gem then takes over Reed's body and intends to take both Sue and the Silver Surfers souls, starting with the Surfer. However, the Surfer resists this attempt and they battle. Being fed up with the challenge that the Surfer is presenting, he then takes Sue's soul instead. As their battle continues they enter the black hole. The entity inside Reed then leaves his body, revealing himself as the In-Betweener, and that all these events are going according to his machinations.

This story is continued next issue....

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