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Quote1 Order and Chaos tried to destroy me, but I can never fully die-- for I can never fully live! The opposing forces of the universe are inside me! All forces of the universe meet wherever I am! I am... the In-Betweener! Quote2

Appearing in "Malice: A 'Four' Thought"

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Synopsis for "Malice: A 'Four' Thought"

Brief Summary:
After being traded to the Elders of the Universe for the Soul Gems by a Malice-possessed Invisible Woman, the Silver Surfer is now their slave. However, Reed convinces the Elders that they are not immortal in this Magick Realm and that they need the Silver Surfer in order to return back to their home dimension. The Elders release the Surfer in exchange for their help in escaping. Reed and the Surfer track down Sue and fight her in order to regain control of the Soul Gems. During the fight Reed is possessed by one of the Gems, which is later revealed to be under the control of the In-Betweener.

Silver Surfer Vol 3 16 page 1

Detailed Summary:
The Invisible Woman has lapsed back into her Malice persona and has obtained the Soul Gems. She intends to use them for her own gain and to let Galactus die. Meanwhile, the Silver Surfer has been tied to the Trader's bodycase making him his slave. However, the Surfer refuses to do their bidding. Reed Richards suggests to them that while they may be immortal in their home universe, the laws of the Magick Realm are different and here they can be killed. Reed also tells them that without their help the Elders would be trapped here. He promises that if they let the Surfer go, they will help them return to their home dimension after Reed rescues his wife. The Astronomer agrees and the Surfer is set free.

On the trail of Sue, Reed explains that her sudden chaotic behavior and Reed's excessively logical mindset is due to the nature of the reality that they are in and the Silver Surfer suggests that perhaps everything here is bound by the entities Master Order and Lord Chaos. Reed and the Surfer track down Sue at the mouth of the black hole and they board her ship. There they battle Sue to try and gain control of the Soul Gems. However, they are distracted from their fight when a ship containing the Fantastic Four and Dr. Doom fly past them. During this moment of distraction, the Soul Gem touches Reed and takes possession of his body.

The entity within the Soul Gem then takes over Reed's body and intends to take both Sue and the Silver Surfers souls, starting with the Surfer. However, the Surfer resists this attempt and they battle. Frustrated with the challenge that the Surfer is presenting, he then takes Sue's soul instead. As their battle continues, they enter the black hole. The entity inside Reed then leaves his body and reveals himself as the In-Betweener. He declares that all these events are going according to his machinations.

Solicit Synopsis

You’d think that after he came out on top of the battle with the Elders of the Universe, everyone would leave Galactus alone . But this time the Silver Surfer discovers that Galactus is in real trouble. And the only people who can help the Surfer save his former master are Reed and Sue Richards – Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman!


  • Sue Richards, taken over by her Malice persona, traded the Soul Gems from the Trader for the unconscious Silver Surfer. [1]
  • The Silver Surfer was captive for a while on Earth, due to Galactus' banishment. [2]
  • Sue Richards, as Malice, betrayed the Silver Surfer by knocking him unconscious and letting the Trader entrap him. [1]
  • It appeared that the Astronomer had bested Reed Richards in combat. [1]
  • The Silver Surfer and Reed and Sue Richards first met the Possessor when they entered the Magick Realm. [1]
  • Galactus warned them to not touch the Soul Gem, as it has the ability to steal souls. [1]
  • While fighting on their space ship, Mr. Fantastic, the Invisible Woman, and the Silver Surfer see their Fantastic Four teammates and Dr. Doom pass by in another ship. This event is also depicted, from a viewpoint within the Fantastic Four's ship, in the current issue of the Fantastic Four. [3]
  • From the first time that he saw the Silver Surfer, Mephisto has wanted to steal his soul. [4]


  • The "Bulletin Board" letter column has letters published from: Manny Romero, Charles Novinskie, Bart McNeill, Rick Blair, and Mike Suaro.

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