Quote1.png You represent nothing but yourself, Galactus! The Twin Gods of this Reality, Death and Eternity, played no part in your Creation! You seem omnipotent to the lesser Beings, below us - but not to me! Quote2.png
-- In-Betweener

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Synopsis for "Heavyweights"

Continued from last issue.. Galactus is furious over the In-Betweener's attempt on his life and has gone after him. The two cosmic beings are locked in a battle to the death, witnessed by the Silver Surfer, the Richards family, and the newly restored Elders of the Universe. The Elders question their position on if they should aid Galactus or the In-Betweener, and debate on if they are truly mortal in this other realm.

As the battle rages on, Franklin Richards reads his fathers mind and learns about the Ultimate Nullifier. However, when he suggests to his parents that they use it, they turn down the idea knowing that the Nullifier could also wipe out all existence. Franklin goes for it anyway, but when Reed and Sue realize it they stop him before it's too late, and scold their son.

Meanwhile, the Surfer convinces the Elders of the Universe to aid in sending both Galactus and the In-Betweener into the black hole. They comply, and once brought into the In-Betweeners native reality, he is neutralized by Master Order and Lord Chaos. With the In-Betweener defeated Master Order and Lord Chaos send everyone back to their native reality. There Nova and the Surfer rejoice that they managed to save the universe from destruction once again.

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