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Quote1.png Susan, I know that as Frankie Raye, Nova was once the object of your brother Johnny's affections, but you are being too nosy! Quote2.png
Silver Surfer (Norrin Radd)

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Synopsis for "Playing With Matches!"

Brief Summary:
After the battle with the In-Betweener, everyone parts ways. The Elders of the Universe disappear, Nova sets off to find a planet for Galactus, and the Silver Surfer brings the Richards family back to Earth. After his trip to Earth, the Surfer tracks down Nova. Their reunion is quickly interrupted by an attack from Firelord and Eros. The Surfer quickly defeats Firelord, but is shocked to see Nova, who's emotions had been manipulated by Eros, rush to Firelord's aide and comfort him with a kiss.

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Detailed Summary:
With the In-Betweener's threat negated and with the Elders of the Universe gone and no longer doing harm inside of him, Galactus commands Nova to find him his next planetary meal. The Silver Surfer would like to join her, but instead needs to bring the Richards family back to Earth.

Meanwhile, Captain Reptyl's ship is attacked by Firelord and Eros. They are looking for Nebula, who destroyed Firelord's world of Xandar, and they figure a fellow pirate might know of her whereabouts. The pirate mentions that they just had a run-in with the Silver Surfer and Nova and this catches Firelord's attention. He blames the Surfer's betrayal of Galactus for indirectly killing his friend, the Air-Walker. Firelord decides to find the Surfer instead and Eros reluctantly follows.

After returning the Richards family to Earth, the Silver Surfer tracks down Nova. Their cheerful greetings are quickly replaced by a dispute over which type of planet Nova should find for Galactus. This argument is also quickly interrupted with the attack of Firelord. Eros manipulates Nova's emotions to keep her out of the fight, but the Surfer is still able to easily defeat his fellow ex-herald. However, he is shocked to see Nova rush to Firelord's aide and comfort him with a kiss.

Solicit Synopsis

Firelord is burning for revenge! Awright, the pun may be bad, but so are the consequences for the Silver Surfer when Firelord catches him! Meanwhile, Nova’s in more than enough trouble herself because she’s the target for Starfox. And as if that weren’t enough, everyone’s got to watch out for Reptyl!


  • Galactus ate some of the Elders of the Universe as punishment for trying to destroy him. However, since the Elders couldn't die, they caused him great pain while inside of him. [1]
  • Firelord and Eros vowed to find Nebula for destroying the planet Xandar. [2]
  • Captain Repytl is mad at the Silver Surfer and Nova for attacking his ships while searching for the Contemplator. [3]
  • Firelord blames the Silver Surfer for the death of his friend, Air-Walker. [4]
  • It was the Silver Surfer betraying Galactus [5] that forced Galactus to make Air-Walker his next herald. [4]
  • Silver Surfer mentions his separation from Shalla-Bal due to her duties as Empress and his desire to explore outerspace. [6]
  • Meeting Mantis changed the Silver Surfer's life [7] and her apparent death still deeply affects him. [1]
  • Galactus asked the Silver Surfer to assist Nova in finding the Contemplator. [8]
  • The Silver Surfer is angry at Captain Reptyl for capturing Nova and him and almost killing them by draining their powers. [9]

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