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Quote1.png The universe has grown accustomed to a captive surfer-- one who had to govern his powers to avoid atomizing the world within the barrier. If they'd remembered me in my free state, they'd never have attempted such treachery! Quote2.png
Silver Surfer (Norrin Radd)

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Synopsis for "Shalla Bal"

Brief Summary:
The Silver Surfer returns to Zenn-La, to a happy Shalla Bal that is now the planet's empress. As she meets with a Skrull emissary, the Surfer decides to get reacquainted with his home planet. While the Skrulls try to convince Shalla Bal to sign a pact with them, two of their agents try to assassinate the Surfer. The Silver Surfer easily defeats them and brings them to Shalla Bal. A furious Shalla Bal and Silver Surfer defiantly rebuff the Skrulls and send them on their way. Realizing that Shalla Bal's new responsibilities to Zenn-La take up all of her time and focus, the Surfer leaves her and the planet for his new home: infinite space.

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Detailed Summary:
Finally free from Galactus' banishment, the Silver Surfer returns home to Zenn-La. There he finds that the Power Cosmic that he gave to Shalla Bal has been used to restore the entire planet to a new glorious world that is balanced between nature and technology. He also learns that Shalla Bal has also been crowned ruler of Zenn-La. She is elated to see him and happy that he is truly free, but their reunion will have to wait for her to finish her royal duties for the day. While she leaves for her meeting, the Surfer decides to reacquaint himself with his home planet. Returning to the site of his childhood home, the Silver Surfer uses his power cosmic to create an exact duplicate of his old home.

That night, Emissary Ptakr of the Skrull Empire meets with Shalla Bal to try and secure a trade agreement with Zenn-La. Shalla-Bal tells Ptakr that her people will not get involved in offworld affairs and is not afraid of their threats, for the Silver Surfer has returned to protect them. Ptakr secretly sends two of his men to try and eliminate the Silver Surfer. However, the Surfer makes short work of them and turns them over to Shalla Bal.

Shalla Bal expresses her outrage over the Skrull's deception and their attempt on the Surfer's life. Ptakr warns them that the Kree/Skrull War will soon restart and will reach Zenn-La whether they want it to or not. The Surfer warns the Skrulls to stay away from Zenn-La or feel his wrath. After everyone else has parted, the Surfer and Shalla-Bal are finally able to share a romantic moment wiht each other. However, they soon find that Shalla-Bal's role as empress of Zenn-La has changed her priorities. This leads to an argument and the Surfer almost takes away Shalla-Bal's powers in anger. Stopping himself, the Surfer decides to respect her position and promises to protect his home planet. However, he still leaves her without looking back. He returns to his home and converts it into a monument to Norrin Radd. However after a second consideration, he changes the name so that it's a monument to the Silver Surfer. The Surfer then departs into Zenn-La, realizing that the infinite space of the universe is his true home now.

Solicit Synopsis

The Silver Surfer returns to the world of his birth, Zenn-La, at last! But instead of the paradise he once knew, he discovers a planet on the verge of being swept into the annihilating Kree-Skrull War!


  • The Silver Surfer's banishment to Earth was terminated by Galactus after he saved Nova from the Skrulls. [1]
  • Galactus destroyed Zenn-La after the Silver Surfer had betrayed him to save Earth. [2]
  • The Silver Surfer gave Shalla-Bal a portion of his Power Cosmic so that she could replant Zenn-La. [2]
  • The Champion was defeated by the Silver Surfer while he was still on Earth. [1]
  • The Silver Surfer mentions that while trapped on Earth, he had to limit the extent of his use of the Power Cosmic in order to not severely damage the planet. Considering that on top of this Galactus had already removed some of his powers while the Surfer was banished, it's safe to assume that the magnitude of the Silver Surfer's powers has not yet been witnessed by us, the comic book readers.
  • Before he became the Silver Surfer, he wished that Zenn-La would strive for more from the universe. [3]
  • The Silver Surfer became Galactus' herald in order to save Zenn-La. [3]
  • Ever since their first meeting, Mephisto has often used Shalla-Bal to try and torture the Silver Surfer's soul. [4]


  • The coloring of the cover's background images differs between the direct-sales and newsstand edition.
  • The letter column for the first three issues was reserved for a retelling of the history of the Silver Surfer by Steve Englehart.
  • As reported by Marvel: this issue was the fourth best-selling direct sales title for the publisher during the month that it was released, just behind Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 220, Punisher Vol 2 2, and X-Factor Vol 1 19. [5]

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