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Quote1 I grow comfortable basking in the glow of lesser-powered beings' admiration. Drinking it in as I drink the stellar light through my silvered skin and, like a drunkard, I forget that I'm still just a pawn! Quote2
Silver Surfer (Norrin Radd)

Appearing in "Aftermatch!"

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Synopsis for "Aftermatch!"

Brief Summary:
The Silver Surfer releases his frustrations in a remote asteroid field. He is angered that Eros manipulated his and Nova's minds during his battle with Firelord. Nova asks Galactus to let her go and find the Surfer, but he refuses her request. Captain Reptyl prepares his pirate crew for future battles, as the Kree/Skrull War continues with the Super Skrull entering the fray. Nenora unsuccessfully tries to make peace with the Silver Surfer indirectly through Shalla-Bal.

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Detailed Summary:
Angered over the outcome of his fight with Firelord, the Silver Surfer seeks out a distant area of space to be alone. Meanwhile, Nova asks Galactus to let her find the Surfer and console him after Eros had manipulated his and hers minds. Galactus refuses her request and she agrees to stay.

Captain Reptyl leaves Clumsy Foulup and his pirate crew on a remote world to protect his secret cache of weapons. While wandering the planet, Clumsy comes across a mysterious figure that knows his name. He runs away in fear.

In space the Kree and Skrull armies engage in battle, but the fight quickly turns with the entrance of the Super Skrull. Nenora watches remotely, but is occupied with a visit to Zenn-La and Shalla-Bal. She tries to get Shalla-Bal to contact the Silver Surfer, but she refuses to oblige her.


  • The Silver Surfer is angry over Eros' manipulation of Nova's and his emotions. [1]
  • The Silver Surfer recalls his earlier conversation with Galactus about how he sees his current herald, Nova, as more than a servant. [2]
  • Galactus reminds Nova of her agreement with him [3] and what happened to the Silver Surfer when he broke his similar agreement. [4]
  • Firelord and Eros vowed to find Nebula for destroying the planet Xandar. [5]
  • Firelord blames the Silver Surfer for the death of his friend, Air-Walker. [6]
  • Captain Reptyl is angry that so many people have been able to find their secret pirate's lair, first Silver Surfer and Nova [7] and then Firelord and Eros. [1]
  • Emperor Kylor and his portion of the Skrull Empire were destroyed in a Kree ambush. [8]
  • The Kree soldiers recall when the Silver Surfer escaped the Supreme Intelligence's mind, thus severely damaging his mental state. [9]
  • The Super Skrull mentions how the Silver Surfer helped resurrect him. [10]
  • Empress Shalla-Bal reminds Supreme Leader Nenora of the Silver Surfer's vow to protect Zenn-La. [11]
  • Supreme Leader Nenora admits that they were fooled by the Skrull, Bartak, that was impersonating the Silver Surfer and attacking Kree outposts. [7] [8] [12]
  • Empress Shalla-Bal recalls when she previously thought that the plants were speaking to her. [13]

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