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Quote1 I am Ego - the largest, most powerful Intelligence in all Infinity! Quote2
Ego the Living Planet

Appearing in "Monsters... from the Ego!"

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Synopsis for "Monsters... from the Ego!"

Brief Summary:
Ego the Living Planet traps the Silver Surfer on his planetary body in hopes of consuming him. He needs the Surfer's energy to give him enough strength to counteract the thrusters that Galactus had put on Ego in order to control his movements. The Surfer activates the thrusters and threatens to ram Ego into a nearby sun if he is not freed. Ego complies and the Silver Surfer leaves victorious.

Silver Surfer Vol 3 22 page 1

Detailed Summary:
While traveling through space, the Silver Surfer is ambushed by Ego, the Living Planet. He pulls the Surfer on to his planetary body and traps his surfboard in orbit to prevent him from escaping.

Ego explains that Galactus has put a rocket thruster on him as a way to control his movements and keep him hostage. Ego is strong enough to counteract the thrusters, but in doing so he uses a large amount of energy. Because of this energy lose, Ego has to eat the Surfer for sustenance.

He sends the Silver Surfer downwards, into the core of his planet body. He tries to melt the Surfer with molten lava to no avail. Next Ego sends his protozoids to attack the Surfer. The Surfer fights back and propels himself to the surface with his energy blasts.

While trying to reach orbit with his energy blasts, Ego knocks him back down and he lands next to the rocket thruster. Recognizing it as Galactus' technology, the Surfer activates the thrusters and uses his Power Cosmic to send Ego straight towards a nearby sun.

To avoid a fiery death, Ego promises to set the Silver Surfer free if he relents. The Surfer is freed and Ego pleads for the Surfer to help him destroy Galactus' rocket thruster. The Surfer rejects Ego and departs. While flying away, he sense that a world has moved within Earth's solar system and rushes to investigate.

Solicit Synopsis

Thanks to his power cosmic, the Surfer is a match for just about anybody this side of Galactus. But will his power be enough when he encounters Ego, the Living Planet?


  • Silver Surfer mentions the last time he confronted Ego and the other Elders of the Universe. [1]
  • Galactus managed to attach thrusters on to Ego while Thor was distracting him. [2]
  • The Supreme Intelligence tried and failed in his attempt to absorb the Silver Surfer's soul into his mind. [3]
  • While they were in a humanoid form at the time, Ego's protozoids have attacked the Silver Surfer before. [1]
  • The Silver Surfer sensing that a world had moved within the Earth's solar system is also depicted at the end of Fantastic Four #324.

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