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Quote1.png Death to the enemies of the Kree! Death to those who oppose the one world! Quote2.png
Supreme Leader Nenora

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Synopsis for "Z-Day"

Brief Summary:
The Silver Surfer and the Skrulls prepare for the Kree's next attack of Zenn-La, while Clumsy Foulup agrees to work for the Kree and betray Captain Reptyl and the Skrulls. The Kree, lead by Supreme Leader Nenora, attack and are engaged in battle by the Surfer, Super Skrull, and Empress S'Byll. The Surfer finds Nenora's flagship and breaks into it. Nenora agrees to leave Zenn-La out of the Kree/Skrull War if the Silver Surfer promises to leave his home planet and never return. He agrees and the battle is temporarily suspended.

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Detailed Summary:
Empress S'Byll slowly gains control of her shape-shifting powers as the Silver Surfer and the Skrulls prepare for the next Kree attack on Zenn-La.

Supreme Leader Nenora instructs her general how the next Kree attack on Zenn-La will unfold, with her leading the attack.

Clumsy Foulup finds the mysterious figure and agrees to double-cross Captain Reptyl by joining the Kree, but is shocked when the figure reveals his true identity.

Shalla-Bal asks the Silver Surfer to stay with her on Zenn-La, but he insists that he cannot live on just one world. That he is ever the alien. However, their conversation is cut short with the appearance of the Kree above Zenn-La.

The Silver Surfer, Super Skrull, and S'Byll all engage the Kree ships in battle. The Surfer finds Nenora's flagship and breaks into it to confront her directly. Once inside, he realizes that she is only remotely connected to the ship. The Surfer insists to Nenora that he was tricked into helping the Skrulls, but she doesn't want to hear his excuses. She does agree to leave Zenn-La alone, if the Surfer leaves his home planet and never returns. The Silver Surfer agrees to her bargain and the latest Kree/Skrull battle is temporarily suspended.


  • The Silver Surfer helped the Super-Skrull transfer his shape-shifting powers into Empress S'Byll. [1]
  • The Skrulls tricked the Silver Surfer into siding with them, by helping them attack the Badoon (who had sided with the Kree). [1]
  • The Super-Skrull is loyal to Empress S'Byll since she rescued him from Earth. [2]
  • Supreme Leader Nenora traveled to Zenn-La to apologize to Shalla-Bal, but was only welcomed half-heartedly. [3]
  • Captain Reptyl left Clusmy Foulup in charge of guarding a cache of weapons on a remote moon. [3]
  • The Silver Surfer gave Shalla-Bal a portion of his Power Cosmic so that she could bring plant life back to a destroyed Zenn-La. [4]
  • The Silver Surfer blames the Cotati for the death of Mantis. [5]
  • The Silver Surfer agreed to serve Galactus if he spared Zenn-La from destruction. [6]
  • The Silver Surfer and Supreme Leader Nenora agreed to a truce at the beginning of the second Kree/Skrull War. [7]


  • "The Cosmic Pipeline" letter column has letters published from: Erik Pomander, Drew DeWindt, and Benedict Koorengevel.

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