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Quote1.png He may be a fellow reptile to you, but in the Coalsack Nebula, he tried to kill me! Quote2.png
Silver Surfer (Norrin Radd)

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Synopsis for "Neanderthals!"

Brief Summary:
The Skrulls and Captain Reptyl prepare for their war with the Kree. Shalla-Bal is kidnapped by a Kree Sentry for the secret that she knows about Supreme Leader Nenora. That she is a Skrull in disguise. Captain Reptyl starts a fight with the Super-Skrull and kills him in battle. Reptyl takes over the command of the Skrull forces and the Silver Surfer holds a funeral for the Super-Skrull.

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Detailed Summary:
As the Skrulls prepare for their war with the Kree, Captain Reptyl collects his weapons and crew from the Coalsack Nebula. The Silver Surfer tries to contact Shalla-Bal, but she is currently away in the deserts of Zenn-La.

Shalla-Bal is creating plant life in the desert when a hidden Kree Sentry breaks through the earth and captures her. Supreme Leader Nenora has ordered her to be captured and brought back to Kree-Lar, because she has found out that Shalla-Bal knows that she is really a Skrull in disguise. The Contemplator continues his exploration of Kree-Lar, hidden within his astral form, when he comes across the Supreme Intelligence in a catatonic state.

Captain Reptyl returns to Satriani and the Skrulls. He starts a fight with the Super-Skrull and they engage in lethal combat. Reptyl bites the Super-Skrull's neck and fells him. The Silver Surfer swoops in to avenge his death, but Empress S'Byll stops the fight from continuing. She explains to the Surfer that the Super-Skrull was proven weak and now Captain Reptyl will lead the Skrulls into battle. The Silver Surfer brings the Super-Skrull's body into space, sending him to rest in peace on a nearby planet.

Solicit Synopsis

Cap’n Reptyl joins Skrulls! Shalla Bal is kidnapped by the Kree! And the Silver Surfer can’t stop the war from happening!


  • Captain Reptyl joined forces with the Skrulls in the second Kree/Skrull War. [1]
  • The Badoon infiltrated the Skrull planet of Satriani using their invisibility cloaking devices. [1]
  • Captain Reptyl captured the Silver Surfer and Nova and tried to drain their Power Cosmic to power his space fleet. [2]
  • Captain Reptyl made Clumsy Foulup in charge of guarding his secret cache of weapons on a remote moon. [3]
  • Clumsy Foulup joined the Kree by offering to betray his boss, Captain Reptyl. [1]
  • The Silver Surfer ponders what was said to him by the Stranger during their last battle. [1]
  • The Silver Surfer spent a good portion of time trapped on Earth when he betrayed Galactus. [4]
  • Galactus refuses to let Nova, his current herald, spend time with the Silver Surfer. [3]
  • Mantis left her mortal body to pursue the Cotati into space. [5]
  • The Silver Surfer made a deal with Nenora to leave Zenn-La in order to save it from Kree agression. [6]
  • The Silver Surfer gave a portion of his Power Cosmic to Shalla-Bal in order for her to bring plant life back to a desolate Zenn-La. [7]
  • Nenora visited Shalla-Bal on Zenn-La in order to win favor with the Silver Surfer. [3]
  • The Contemplator visited the Supreme Intelligence in hopes of getting his Soul Gem. [8]
  • The Supreme Intelligence's mind was destroyed by the Silver Surfer when he escaped from it. [9]
  • The Silver Surfer and the Super-Skrull helped S'Byll regain her shape-shifting powers. [10]
  • S'Byll started to transfer her shape-shifting powers back to the Skrulls. [1]
  • Captain Reptyl traded his pirate crew to the Stranger in order to save S'Byll from being captured by him. [1]


  • "The Cosmic Pipeline" letter column has letters published from: Dale Coe, Ron Erickson, Bradford Poston, Phil Thompson, Randy Dainard, Rick and Lisa Van Hoose, and John Migala

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