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Quote1 On no - I can hate! It may be that I hate injustice and cruelty, more than I hate any one man - but I was human once! And I became silver to save life! Quote2
Silver Surfer (Norrin Radd)

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Synopsis for "Our Complex"

Brief Summary:
The Kree create a new weapon, Midnight Sun, to destroy the Silver Surfer and Nenora keeps the captured Shalla-Bal alive as a backup to stopping him. The Contemplator continues his plan of reviving the Supreme Intelligence and manipulating the pink Kree's minds. The Kree attack the Skrulls and, with the Silver Surfer distracted by Midnight Sun's aggression and Captain Reptyl mortally wounded by Clumsy Foulup, they are able to tear apart the Skrull fleet.

Silver Surfer Vol 3 29 page 1

Detailed Summary:
Supreme Leader Nenora meets with her master scientists to review the latest weapon that has been created to destroy the Silver Surfer. His name is Midnight Sun and he is the resurrected earthman, Midnight, a master of the martial arts and of the uses of darkness. Leaving her scientists, Nenora makes her way to the imprisoned Shalla-Bal, the only person in the universe that knows that she is secretly a Skrull in disguise. Instead of destroying her, she has her drugged and kept alive in order to be used as a future bargaining tool with the Silver Surfer.

However, Shalla-Bal isn't the only one that knows Nenora's secret. The Contemplator in his invisible astral form heard the entire conversation. He also knows that the Supreme Intelligence, while mentally damaged, still lives and is being hidden from the Kree. He plans to rebuild the Supreme Intelligence for his own purposes and using his mental powers he begins to bring the pink Kree on to the side of Clumsy Foulup, the future hero of the Kree and someone the Contemplator is also manipulating.

Alone in her cell, Shalla-Bal is awakened from her drug-influenced coma by the Cotati. While at the same time, the Stranger appears before the Silver Surfer as he patrols the regions of outer space surrounding Satriani. He tries to purse the Stranger, but runs into the Kree armada that has arrived to battle the Skrulls.

However, before he can engage the ships in battle, Midnight Sun attacks the Silver Surfer. The Surfer is caught off guard by his opponent's martial art skills. And the Kree black out the section of space where they are fighting in order to deaden the Surfer's senses and powers. Feeling overwhelmed by Midnight Sun's attack, the Surfer realizes that if he adjusts his visual spectrum he is able to see his opponent's energy signature. This turns the tide of the fight and the Surfer is able to trap Midnight Sun and exit the blackout zone. However, the Surfer realizes that the time spent fighting this one person has prevented him from helping the overwhelmed Skrulls against the Kree.

To make matters worse, Clumsy Foulup makes his move and stabs Captain Reptyl in the back. Leaving his former master mortally wounded and the the Skrulls without a military leader. As the Surfer watches the Skrull fleet getting torn apart, he realizes that the Kree have won this battle.

Solicit Synopsis

The Kree have created the ultimate anti-Silver Surfer weapon. And wait’ll you see who he is! Not only that, but the Kree launch an all-out attack on the Skrulls’ home planet!


  • Shalla-Bal was captured by a Kree Sentry, because she had figured out that Supreme Leader Nenora was really a Skrull imposter. [1]
  • Nenora infiltrated the Supreme Intelligence's inner circle. [2]
  • The Supreme Intelligence's mind was destroyed by the Silver Surfer when he escaped from it. [3]
  • Nenora betrayed Emperor Kylor and had him killed in order to keep control of the Kree Empire to herself. [4]
  • Contemplator found where Nenora was hiding the catatonic Supreme Intelligence. [1]
  • Captain Reptyl killed the Super-Skrull in a battle to the death. [5]
  • Mantis left her mortal body to pursue the Cotati into space. [6]
  • Clumsy Foulup secretly became an agent of the Kree with the promise of betraying Captain Reptyl. [5]


  • "The Cosmic Pipeline" letter column has letters published from: Matt Weinshenker, Dylan Lange, Michael Preolo, Pete Callahan, and Al Tucker.

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