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Quote1 You have earned it! Such is my judgment! You are unique, Silver Surfer-- unique in all the universe! Quote2
Living Tribunal

Appearing in "Nothing!"

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Synopsis for "Nothing!"

Brief Summary:
With Nenora defeated and exposed as a Skrull imposter, the war is declared over. The Silver Surfer returns Empress S'Byll and Empress Shalla-Bal to their home planets and sets off to find the Stranger. He finds him and the Living Tribunal who explains to the Surfer the secrets of the universe. The Contemplator prepares his final plans to take over the Kree Empire and Clumsy Foulup seeks the help of the Cotati to stop him. The Supreme Intelligence appears, but is controlled by the Cotati who declare that Clumsy Foulup should be Supreme Leader of the Kree. Contemplator fights backs, but the Cotati overpower him and destroy his mind leaving Clumsy victorious.

Silver Surfer Vol 3 31 page 1

Detailed Summary:
With Nenora defeated and exposed as a Skrull imposter, Empress S'Byll declares to the Kree that the war is over and peace should be everyone's goal. Tus-Katt, the highest ranking Kree official on Hala, agrees to a truce with the Skrulls and S'Byll, the Silver Surfer, and Shalla-Bal are able to leave the Kree Empire unharmed.

After returning Empress S'Byll to Satriani, the Silver Surfer and Shalla-Bal head for Zenn-La. Shalla-Bal asks the Surfer to stay, but he regrets that he can't. He needs to know why the Stranger appeared three times during the Kree-Skrull War. This mystery is a distraction that the Surfer can't ignore and he sets off in search of him.

Meanwhile, on Hala the Contemplator reveals to Clumsy Foulup his plan to take over the Kree Empire using the Supreme Intelligence as his puppet ruler. Realizing that the Contemplator's mental powers are too great for him, Clumsy seeks out help from his pink Kree friends.

The Silver Surfer locates the Stranger and demands for him to explain his recent actions. He refuses to cooperate without a fight, but before they can battle the Living Tribunal appears.

Clumsy's Kree allies bring him to the Cotati, a plant-base species who's mental powers are second to none. Clumsy asks them for help in stopping the Contemplator's plans and they agree.

The Living Tribunal explains the secrets of the universe to the Silver Surfer. That everywhere in the realms of duality, is the presence of trinity. Death, Eternity, and Galactus all form a trinity and Galactus is the opposite of the Silver Surfer.

Back on Hala, Tus-Katt attempts to bring the Kree together when the Supreme Intelligence, controlled by the Contemplator, makes his return. However before he can fulfill his plans, the Supreme Intelligence is taken over by the Cotati and announces that Clumsy Foulup will become the Supreme Leader. The Contemplator lashes out at the Cotati, but they are too powerful for him and his mind is destroyed and Clumsy is victorious.

The Living Tribunal offers the Silver Surfer a moment to experience godhood. He accepts and becomes one with the universe, realizing that space is truly infinite.

Solicit Synopsis

It’s the dramatic, giant-sized conclusion to the Kree/Skrull War! And to make things even more chaotic, here comes the Living Tribunal!


  • Empress S'Byll returned Nenora's shape-shifting powers to her, thus turning her back into a Skrull and revealing her to be an imposter. [1]
  • All of Empress S'Byll's forces were unknowingly destroyed by the Kree during their last battle. [1]
  • Coordinator Tus-Katt was in the Supreme Intelligence's inner circle, along with Nenroa. [2]
  • Silver Surfer didn't want to call S'Byll "Empress" until she had earned the title. [3]
  • Silver Surfer promised to stay away from Zenn-La during the Kree-Skrull War if Nenora and the Kree left his home planet alone. [4]
  • Norrin Radd was changed into the Silver Surfer in order to become Galactus' herald. [5]
  • Mantis left her mortal body to pursue the Cotati into space. [6]
  • The Stranger appeared three times during the Kree-Skrull War:
    • He first appeared on Satriani and attempted to capture Empress S'Byll, but instead took Captain Reptyl's crew. [7]
    • He then appeared right before the Kree arrived to battle the Skrulls, but quickly left before the fighting started. [8]
    • Last, he appeared when Empress S'Byll confronted Nenora and changed her back into a Skrull. [1]
  • The Contemplator found Clumsy Foulup on a remote moon, guarding Captain Reptyl's secret cache of weapons, and began to convince him to join the Kree and betray Captain Reptyl. [9]
  • The Contemplator was eaten by Captain Reptyl out of anger when the Silver Surfer and Nova escaped his control. [10]
  • The Contemplator entered Hala undetected with Clumsy Foulup as the distraction. [7]
  • Clumsy Foulup betrayed Captain Reptyl by stabbing him in the back during the last Kree-Skrull space battle. [8]
  • Contemplator manipulated the minds of a group of pink Kree in order to cast Clumsy Foulup as a Kree war hero. [8]
  • A large group of pink Kree were waiting to cheer Clumsy Foulup as he arrived on Hala after betraying Captain Reptyl. [1]
  • The Contemplator resurrected the Supreme Intelligence [1] after the Silver Surfer had destroyed his mind. [11]
  • Galactus refuses to let Nova meet up with the Silver Surfer. [12]


  • "The Cosmic Pipeline" letter column has letters published from: Vincent Ortiz, Justin Slotman, Brian McCloskey, James Woodmansee, Adrian Haythorne, and Justin Craighead.

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