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Quote1 Hurry! We must warn our outposts! Send a message to every sentient within his flight path-- the Silver Surfer has gone mad! Quote2
Captain Kerjos

Appearing in "A Choice of Dooms"

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Synopsis for "A Choice of Dooms"

Brief Summary:
Mephisto works with a sentient virus for his latest attempt to break the Silver Surfer's will. The virus infects the Surfer and causes him to lash out at hostile visions. Going mad and harming those around him, the Surfer realizes that he must find a way to expel the virus from his body. He remembers the techniques that Doctor Strange uses to purify his body and soul and uses the same strategy to remove the virus. He encases it in solid Power Cosmic and hurtles it into the void where it can never harm another again.

Silver Surfer Vol 3 32 page 2-3

Detailed Summary:
Mephisto works with a sentient virus for his latest attempt to break the Silver Surfer's will. They approach the unsuspecting Surfer and the virus enters his body and infects him. The Surfer is caught reeling, having never felt sickness before, and is unprepared for the visions that come while under the sway of this virus.

The Silver Surfer approaches a giant refinery that is orbiting a nearby planet, but all he sees is a giant space monster which he completely eradicates. The owners of the refinery, the Pheragots, detect it being destroyed and send a crew to investigate. Meanwhile, the Surfer tries to recover on the pastoral world of Ryas. He is approached by the gentle Druffs, but only sees vicious monstrosities. He lashes out at them and they run in fear. Realizing the danger that he poses, the Surfer flees back to outer space.

The Pheragots find out that the Silver Surfer has destroyed their refinery and decide to seek him out for an explanation for his random violence. They find him destroying asteroids, which to the Surfer appears to be visions of his greatest enemies. Once the Surfer has tired himself out from the intense exertion, the Pheragots detain him to determine what is wrong.

The Pheragots reveal to the Silver Surfer that he has been infected by a virus and that he needs the radioactive ore of the planet Aedi to cure him. The Surfer loses control of himself and destroys the part of the ship that they had him contained within. He leaves them and goes to Aedi, but realizes that he would need all of the planet's resources in order to cure him. Because this would bring about the destruction of the entire planet, he quickly leaves before he loses control again.

Desperate to find a away to remove the virus, he remembers the techniques that Doctor Strange uses to purify his mind and soul. By blocking out the world around him and turning all his energy within, the Silver Surfer is able to expel the virus from his being. He traps the virus within a sheath of solid Power Cosmic and sends it hurtling into the void. As the Surfer celebrates his victory, Mephisto swears to one day successfully corrupt his soul.

Solicit Synopsis

The Surfer becomes the greatest threat to all life in the universe! How it happens makes this one of the greatest suspense yarns of the month!


  • He lost his freedom when Galactus banished him to Earth for betraying him. [1]
  • The Silver Surfer has visions of some of his greatest foes:
    • The Flying Dutchman was a minion of Mephisto that battled the Silver Surfer in New York City. [2]
    • The In-Betweener attempted to kill and replace Galactus, but the Silver Surfer helped to stop him from succeeding. [3]
    • While the Super-Skrull fought with the Silver Surfer the first time they met, [4] since then they both began to see each other as allies. [5]
    • The Abomination was summoned by warlocks planning to take over the world, but the Silver Surfer stopped them. [6]
    • Doctor Doom and the Silver Surfer have fought a few times during his stay on Earth, but the most notable was when Doom stole the Surfer's Power Cosmic. [7]
  • The Silver Surfer first met the Fantastic Four when he joined them in their battle to stop Galactus from consuming Earth. [8]
  • The Silver Surfer first joined the Defenders in their battle against the Undying Ones. [9]

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