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Quote1 Clearly, he is insane. He has no power, save to alter his form... yet he goads them into firing upon him! Perhaps he has a death wish? Quote2
Silver Surfer (Norrin Radd)

Appearing in "Nothing Is Impossible, Man!"

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Synopsis for "Nothing Is Impossible, Man!"

Brief Summary:
The Silver Surfer has a run-in with the Impossible Man, who does a good job at aggravating the Surfer. He pleads to the Surfer for protection from an Ergonian fleet looking for revenge and he agrees to keep him safe. The Surfer easily disables the fleet and promises them that the Impossible Man will no longer bother their planet.

Silver Surfer Vol 3 33 page 2-3

Detailed Summary:
As the Silver Surfer soars through space, he collides with the Impossible Man. He tries to get on the Surfer's good side by joking around with him, but the Surfer wants nothing to do with him.

Suddenly, they are surrounded by an Ergonian fleet that insists that the Impossible Man needs to be executed. The Impossible Man admits to the Silver Surfer that he may have insulted their queen and pleads for the Surfer's protection. The Surfer agrees, as he doesn't want to see anyone killed, and the fleet attacks him. However, they prove powerless to stop the Surfer from disabling all their ships.

The fleet accepts defeat and the Silver Surfer promises to visit their planet to apologize in person for the Impossible Man and that he will never bother them again. The Impossible Man reluctantly agrees.

Solicit Synopsis

The Impossible Man literally runs into the Silver Surfer. Next thing you know, the Impossible Man is making life miserable for the Silver Surfer. Then someone who was chasing the Impossible Man shows up – and that’s when the trouble really starts!


  • Galactus ate the Impossible Man's planet of Poppup and it almost killed him, deconstructing him for some time. [1]
  • Galactus was also fatally injured when he consumed some of the Elders of the Universe and need the help of the Silver Surfer, Mr. Fantastic, and the Invisible Woman to save his life. [2]
  • The Impossible Man participated in a scavenger hunt with his fellow Poppupians to determine who would be their new leader. [3]
  • The Silver Surfer has mentioned when he was trapped on Earth that he could use the Power Cosmic to conceal his appearances [4], but this story is the first time that we see him use his powers to do this.


  • The "Acts of Idiocy" on the upper-right corner of the cover is a parody of the Acts of Vengeance event.
  • "The Cosmic Pipeline" letter column has letters published from: Robert Genova, Mike Ostroski, Jeff Bonasse, Richard Baker, Melissa Page, Al Shriner, Brad Poston, and Jacob Gilbert.
  • The 2nd printing was included in a pack of Marvel comics that was sold by J.C. Penney in 1992. It includes a different image in the UPC box, a 2nd printing label in the indicia, and different advertisements than in the original.

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The story references:

  • Silver Surfer (Vol. 3) #15 - The Silver Surfer, Mr. Fantastic, and the Invisible Woman attempt to save Galactus from the Elders of the Universe that he had consumed.
  • X-Men Annual #7 - Impossible Man participates in a scavenger hunt to determine who will be the leader of the surviving Poppupians.

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