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Appearing in "...Even Demigods Must Dream!"

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  • Death's Servants




Synopsis for "...Even Demigods Must Dream!"

The Silver Surfer arrives at a desolate, unnamed planet to sleep for the first time in years. He has a dream of a large structure shaped like a skull and he goes to investigate. There are two creatures carrying a chest past him, seemingly not noticing his existence. Surfer realizes that he is in the domicile of Mistress Death. Death orders her lackeys to open the chest and the spirit of Thanos emerges.

Surfer has never encountered Thanos before so he does not know him, however, he recognizes The Mad Titan as a malignant evil.

Mistress Death does not speak directly to Thanos, rather choosing to speak through her minions, and she addresses Thanos. She wishes him to correct an imbalance in the multiverse and destroy half of the life in the universe to right that wrong and she increases Thanos' power to accomplish that goal. Thanos promises to do as she desires, professing that he served her before and he continues to serve her. Mistress Death is concerned that Thanos has made such promises before but he was defeated. Also, she says that one can still thwart his plans and everyone turns to stare at the Silver Surfer, who is now clearly visible.

Thanos declares that the Surfer is nothing and blasts him out of the Hall of Death. Several strange things happen before he wakes up from this "dream". When he does wake up, though, he stands face-to-face with Thanos.


  • This is part of the prequel to "Thanos Quest" and is the start of the "Infinity Gauntlet" storyline.

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