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Quote1 My mistress, Death, likes a constant and steady harvest. The balance must be maintained. That is why I have returned. Quote2

Appearing in "The Name Is Thanos!!"

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Synopsis for "The Name Is Thanos!!"

Brief Summary:
Thanos explains to the Silver Surfer that the universe's imbalance is due to the fact that many of its planets are becoming overcrowded and their finite resources are being depleted. Death wants him to correct his imbalance and he plans to accomplish this by killing half of the universe's population. Thanos shows the Surfer this imbalance by bringing him to various planets. Unknown to the Surfer, their travels have set alien viruses upon unprotected species. Instead of trying to stop Thanos right there, the Silver Surfer is forced to return to the planet that they visited in order to save as much of the population as he can.

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Detailed Summary:
Thanos explains to the Silver Surfer the Great Imbalance, which concerns Death, by giving him a tour of the universe. They first go to Earth, where Thanos shows the Surfer the garbage and pollution created by a ever-expanding human population. Humans continue to live longer lives, using more and more finite resources, while seemingly oblivious to the ecological consequences that their actions create.

Next they travel to Salaria, a primitive planet populated by a humanoid species that has no predators and plenty of food and water. Thanos is concerned for them though, because, with no form of population control, this species will continue to multiple. Their population will increase in size until the planet's resources are stretched so thin that the only future can be starvation and warfare.

This is the Great Imbalance that Death fears, the collapse of civilizations bringing out the end to her steady harvest. Thanos plans to fix this imbalance by killing half of the universe's population. Appalled by Thanos's plan, the Surfer promises to stop him at all cost. However, Thanos notes that the Surfer has already started to help him by bringing Earth viruses to a Salarian population that has no defenses for these foreign diseases. He can either fight Thanos or leave now and save what's left of Salaria.

The Silver Surfer chooses to save the Salarians and leaves Thanos. He arrives on the planet to see death and disease everywhere. However, he uses his Power Cosmic to transfer an antibody to one of the survivors. With this transfer, the survivor can spread the antibody to the others just by touching them. The Surfer stays to help bury the dead and promises to then put an end to Thanos' insanity.

Meanwhile, Chronos, sensing the return of Thanos, resurrects his own champion, Drax the Destroyer.

Solicit Synopsis

Thanos is out to slay half the population of the universe. And Thanos has a way to make the Silver Surfer a key weapon in the destruction!


  • Thanos' life force was released from a locked chest by Death's minions. [1]
  • Death senses an imbalance in the universe and has ordered Thanos to correct it. [1]
  • The Silver Surfer was imprisoned on Earth by Galactus after he betrayed him. While on Earth, the Surfer often complained about how humans were too violent towards each other and the planet. [2]
  • Death warned Thanos that the Silver Surfer could be an impediment to his plans. [1]
  • The Silver Surfer mentions that he once had to create a universal antibody for himself. He may be referring to the time that he had to expel a sentient virus from his body. [3]
  • The Silver Surfer uses his Power Cosmic to transfer an antibody into a Salarian who can then pass this antibody to others just by touching them. This is similar to when the Surfer transferred a portion of his Power Cosmic into Shalla Bal, so that she could replant a destroyed Zenn-La just by touching the planet's surface. [4]


  • "The Cosmic Pipeline" letter column has letters published from: William Blevins, Larry Vellensky, Kevin Hall, Aaron Mowrey, and Jan Childress.

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