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Quote1 There is only one way to stop Thanos from achieving his mad goal. You will have to kill my son. Quote2
Mentor (A'Lars)

Appearing in "A Destructive Encounter"

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Synopsis for "A Destructive Encounter"

Brief Summary:
The Silver Surfer cannot find any trace of were Thanos went, so he decides to travel to Titan to learn more about Thanos' past. While there, Drax the Destroyer arrives and demands that the Surfer tells him the location of Thanos. The Surfer doesn't know, but Drax knows that the Surfer will meet Thanos again soon and thus insists on traveling with him. The Surfer attempts to lose Drax through physical means, but he is too powerful. He then uses classic Earth tv shows to distract Drax so that he can sneak off alone to find Thanos.

Silver Surfer Vol 3 37 page 1

Detailed Summary:
The Silver Surfer scans the different frequency levels in search for a trail left behind by Thanos' teleportation device. He finally finds it, but discovers that Thanos has hidden his tracks by creating a number of false trails.

With his tracks hidden, the Silver Surfer decides to travel to Titan and learn more about Thanos' past. He meets with his father, Mentor, and learns that, even as a child, Thanos was evil and only became worse the older he got.

Meanwhile, Eros notices another visitor arriving with a spaceship and is shocked to find out that it is Drax the Destroyer. Drax barges into Mentor and the Silver Surfer's meeting and demands that he is told the location of Thanos. Drax can sense that the Surfer will meet Thanos again soon and insists on traveling with him. The Surfer wants nothing to do with Drax and attempts to lose him in outer space, by crashing him through asteroids and a sun.

When none of these physical tactics seem to work, the Silver Surfer realizes that he needs to approach this problem differently. He brings Drax to Earth and the Baxter Building where they start watching classic sitcoms in order to learn the location of Thanos. Drax is eventually distratced by the tv shows, which allows the Surfer to escape Drax and continue his search for Thanos, alone.

Solicit Synopsis

Drax the Destroyer is mad at the Silver Surfer! So mad he wants to annihilate the Surfer! What got Drax so furious? The answer will astonish you!


  • Galactus transformed Norrin Radd into the Silver Surfer to become his herald. [1]
  • Thanos appeared to the Silver Surfer on the desert planet where he had been resting. From there he teleported him to a number of planets. [2]
  • The Silver Surfer once battled a dragon-like alien with teleportation and cloaking powers. He used his ability to change the frequency range of his vision to locate his opponent. [3]
  • The Silver Surfer visited Avenger's Mansion and Captain America to learn about their past battles with Thanos. [4]
  • Thanos plans to kill half of the universe's population in order to appease Death. [5]
  • Eros manipulated the Silver Surfer's emotions after he had defeated Firelord in battle. [6]
  • Drax previously died of a massive stroke, which is why his brain functions have been limited since his reincarnation. [7]
  • The Impossible Man gave the Silver Surfer a pep talk about the importance of humor when you are fighting a serious opponent. [4]


  • "The Cosmic Pipeline" letter column has letters published from: Frank Balkin, Daniel Crockett, Steve Allen, and Douglas Mangum.

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