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Quote1 To claim that Thanos, Death's truest servant, would drop progeny! Now that is truly unforgivable. Quote2

Appearing in "The Answer!!!"

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Synopsis for "The Answer!!!"

Brief Summary:
Thanos returns to his starship, Sanctuary III, and reclaims it and his crew from Nebula. Death summons Thanos and demands to know why his plan is moving slowly, but he reassures her that everything is going as planned. He contacts the Silver Surfer and sets a place for their final battle. The Surfer attacks and Thanos is killed when his vehicle explodes. The Silver Surfer decides to bring his remains back to Titan and, as he leaves, Thanos reappears. Thanos faked his death in order to get the Surfer off of his tracks.

Silver Surfer Vol 3 38 page 2

Detailed Summary:
Thanos appears on the starship Sanctuary III, his flagship that is now under the control of Nebula. His army instantly recognizes him and defers to their past leader. Nebula refuses to give back control of the ship and tries to stop Thanos, but all the comes of this battle is her bodyguard getting shot and herself getting severely burned.

Thanos gives his army new orders, but is forced to leave them when Death requests his presence. Death is concerned that Thanos is moving slowly with his plan to kill half of the universe. Thanos reassures her that everything is going according to his plan and that he needs to move cautiously in order to not attract attention.

Meanwhile, the Silver Surfer searches the universe for Thanos' whereabouts. He finds no success with his search, until Thanos appears to him and instructs him to meet on Pyraxlon for the final battle. The Surfer rushes to the planet and instantly attacks him. Thanos evades the Surfer's attack by teleporting and the Surfer determines that he needs to destroy his vehicle to prevent him from escaping again. The Surfer destroys the teleportation vehicle, but the explosion as kills Thanos. Shocked by the results of this lethal attack, the Surfer decides to bring Thanos' remains back to Titan.

As the Silver Surfer leaves, Thanos reappears and reveals that his death was nothing more than a ruse to get the Surfer off of his tracks.

Solicit Synopsis

Thanos sets in motion his plan for the “Final Solution” to the Silver Surfer’s problem. And it’s not a solution the Surfer wants!


  • Death resurrected Thanos, because she sensed an imbalance in the universe and she wanted him to fix it. [1]
  • Thanos decided that the best way to fix the imbalance would be to kill half of the universe. [2]
  • Death warned Thanos that the Silver Surfer poses the greatest threat to stopping him. [1]
  • The Silver Surfer met with Mentor to learn more about Thanos' past. [3]
  • Thanos gave the Silver Surfer many reasons why he felt that the universe was overpopulated and open to catastrophes. [2]


  • "The Cosmic Pipeline" letter column has letters published from: Jim Johnson, Christopher Ravenswood, Bradford Poston, Alan Tuley, and Robb Jahnke.

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