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Silver Surfer (Norrin Radd)

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Mantis helps the Silver Surfer recover from his wounds and reveals to him that she is the one that has been guiding him to investigate the Elder's plans from the beginning. Meanwhile, the Kree's Supreme Intelligence discovers that the Skrulls have lost their shape-shifting powers and the SKrulls are being visited by a Celestial. Mantis leads the Silver Surfer to the Elder's hideout, where they over hear their plans to kill Galactus. However, before they can continue, Ego alerts them to the presence of the Silver Surfer and Mantis. They attack the two, but the Surfer and Mantis are able to escape.

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Detailed Summary:
The Silver Surfer is brought back from the brink of death by Mantis, following his run in with the Runner. Revived, the Surfer learns of the Mantis' origins, her connection over plants, and how she played a part in alerting the Surfer of her former comrades, the Avengers, peril at the hands of the Grandmaster, the Collector, and Death. She tells the Surfer that she is aware of the Elders of the Universe's plan and that it has grave repercussions on the rest of the universe. The two then speed off into space in search of the Elders current location.

While on the Kree homeworld of Kree-Lar, the Supreme Intelligence has correctly deduced that the Skrulls have lost their shape changing abilities and that they can use this to turn their age old war to their advantage. While on a Skrull world in the Andromida galaxy, rivaling ruler of the Skrulls, Kylor, is informed of their Zenn-Lavian ambassador's mass suicide to prevent this truth from leaking out. He and his agent are shocked by the sudden arrival of the Celestial known as Jemiah the Analyzer. The arrival of a Celestial marks that a significant change may be coming soon to the Skrull empire.

Elsewhere in the universe, the Surfer and Mantis have tracked down the Elders of the Universe who have all gathered on a single planet to meet. There the two unlikely companions find the Grandmaster, Collector, Possessor, Astronomer, Trader, Obliterator, Contemplator, Gardner, Runner and the Champion all having a meeting. The Grandmaster tells all gathered that their plan to gain immortality by tricking Death has been a success and that they can initiate the next part of their plan, destroying the oldest being in the universe: Galactus.

However, before the Grandmaster can explain his plot further, Ego (who is also an Elder, and the "host planet" for their meeting) becomes aware of Mantis and the Silver Surfer's presence on himself. The Surfer and Mantis fight off Ego and the Elder's attacks and make for a quick get away. After sharing a kiss with Mantis, they both resolve to try and stop the Elders plot.

Solicit Synopsis

With not just Earth, but the whole galaxy imperiled, Mantis, the Celestial Madonna, joins forces with the Silver Surfer! Plus: the mysterious Cosmic Elders reveal the first part of their devious galaxy-spanning plot!


  • The Silver Surfer and Mantis first met during the Avengers/Defenders War. [1]
  • Mantis helped the Silver Surfer heal from his injuries battling the Runner. [2]
  • The Silver Surfer was banished to Earth for betraying Galactus. [3]
  • The Silver found a way to escape Earth with the help of the Thing and the Fantastic Four. [4]
  • Shalla-Bal told the Silver Surfer that she needed to put Zenn-La before him. [5]
  • The continuity gap between the Silver Surfer leaving Zenn-La [5] and arriving back on Earth [6] is fixed with a short flashback scene on page six of this issue.
  • The Runner failed to kill the Silver Surfer during their previous battle. [2]
  • The Champion was defeated by the Silver Surfer while he was still on Earth. [4]
  • The Silver Surfer battled a reincarnated Korvac in the Avengers battle against the Grandmaster. [7]
  • Grandmaster says that the Elders are the oldest living beings in the universe other than Galactus, and that their races were the first to appear in the universe. Obliterator says in Silver Surfer (Vol. 3) #6 that he and other Elders are about 5.5 billion years old.


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