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Quote1 I may be dead. But you, dear Surfer, are in Dynamo City. I am, by far, the more fortunate of the two of us. Welcome to bedlam, Surfer. Know that you will never again roam the heavens. That is my legacy to you. Quote2

Appearing in "Welcome to Dynamo City"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Deputy Process Server C2DT42 (First appearance)
  • Judge P-U2D-C (First appearance)
  • Thanos (Appears on screen) (Vision or hallucination)

Other Characters:

Races and Species:




Synopsis for "Welcome to Dynamo City"

Brief Summary:
The Silver Surfer brings the remains of Thanos back to Titan. Drax refuses to believe that Thanos is dead, but the Surfer ignores him and heads back to outerspace. He is met by a droid from Dynamo City and requests that the Surfer return with him to answer questions about Thanos' death and to hear his last will and testament. Upon entering the city, the Surfer is shocked to see his Power Cosmic blocked by the city's technology. He tries to return to outerspace, but is subdued. His mind is probed and it is determined that Thanos' death was an accident. The Surfer is free to leave, but can't until he earns enough credits to pay the exit fee.

Silver Surfer Vol 3 40 page 1

Detailed Summary:
The Silver Surfer brings what he believes to be the remains of Thanos back to his home, Titan. Mentor and Eros accept the Surfer's explanation for his death, but Drax refuses to believe that Thanos is dead. He leaves to continue his search for Thanos. The Surfer also departs and heads back to outer space.

As the Silver Surfer travels through space, he is met by a droid from Dynamo City. It requests that the Surfer return with him to Dynamo City in order to clarify the details surrounding Thanos' death, who happens to be a citizen of the city. The Surfer refuses to honor the request, but changes his mind when it is revealed that Thanos had left a last will and testament. The two travel to Dynamo City through an inter-dimensional corridor created by the droid.

The Silver Surfer is surprised to see that Dynamo City is a completely artifical world unto itself. He is also shocked to find out that his Power Cosmic is blocked the moment he enters it. The city controls all power tranmissions and has taken the Surfer's powers from him per the law. The Surfer desparately tries to escape, but is subdued by the robot guards.

The Silver Surfer awakens within a court room and has his mind probed in order for the judge to learn more about Thanos and his battle. While waiting for the verdict, the Surfer hears Thanos' last will and testament. Thanos reveals that while the Surfer may have killed him, he as trapped the Surfer on Dynamo City, a place from which he will never escape.

The judge rules that the Silver Surfer did not kill Thanos on purpose and states that he is free to go. Surprised by Thanos' miscalculations on Dynamo City's ability to trap him, the Surfer attempts to leave but is stopped. In order to leave, he must pay an exit fee with credits. Credits with which the Surfer will need to earn somehow within the city.

Solicit Synopsis

The Silver Surfer pays a visit to Dynamo City!


  • The first part of this issue's story has the Silver Surfer delivering what he thinks is Thanos' remains to Mentor on Titan. This scene must be a flashback, since the Silver Surfer mentioned to Captain America about bringing the remains to Titan in a previously published story. [1]
  • The Silver Surfer and Thanos' battle ended with a massive explosion caused by the destruction of his Space Throne and the apparent death of Thanos. [2]
  • Chronos resurrected Drax the Destroyer in order to kill Thanos. [3]
  • Doctor Doom tricked the Silver Surfer into trusting him and then stole his Power Cosmic from him. [4]
  • Thanos tricked the Silver Surfer into bringing a lethal virus from Earth to the Salarians. [3]
  • Galactus imprisoned the Silver Surfer on Earth as punishment for his betrayal. [5]
  • The Silver Surfer escaped Galactus' imprisonment with the help of the Fantastic Four. [6]


  • "The Cosmic Pipeline" letter column has letters published from: Henry Mack, Levi Kafka, Brian Platt, and Cameron Rogers.

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