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Synopsis for "Obliteration"

The Obliterator has tracked down the Silver Surfer and Mantis to the Crab Nebula, with the intent of destroying them so they do not thwart the Elder's plan to destroy Galactus. The two heroes manage to defeat the Obliterator when the Surfer makes him fall through a planets atmosphere. They however decide to go after the Oblitorator to stop him for good so that Galactus may not be destroyed.

While on the Skrull homeworld, Kylor tries to deal with the fact that Jemiah the Analyzer appearing on his world. When trying to get answers from the Celestial, Kylor decides instead to have it attacked, however none of the weapons they throw at the cosmic being have any effect. As the Kree army sends in one of their own to the Skrull homeworld in disguise, this plan fails when the Skrull bio-detectors betray his presence and he is captured by the Skrull authorities.

While, back with the Surfer and Mantis, the pair track down and battle the Obliterator. During their fight, Mantis is seemingly killed, prompting the Surfer to lash out. Unable to kill the Elder, the Surfer instead uses his power cosmic to convert the Obliterators weapons into harmless devices. Unable to dispense his obsession, he soon keels over, defeated. Mantis turns out to be still alive, having switched to a new plant body prior to her old bodies destruction.

As the two rejoice over their victory over the Obliterator, Kylor has sent out a fleet of his Skrull army to attack the Kree. This story is continued next issue...

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