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Silver Surfer (Norrin Radd)

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Synopsis for "Obliteration!"

Brief Summary:
The Obliterator tracks down the Silver Surfer and Mantis in order to kill them before they can try and stop the Elder's plans. They escape him, but eventually have to confront him again when he tracks them down a second time. The Obliterator vaporizes Mantis, but his attack is thwarted when the Surfer destroys all his weapons. Mantis returns in a new plant body and the Obliterator agrees to reveal the Elder's plan to the heroes. Meanwhile, the Skrulls being a second war with the Kree.

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Detailed Summary:
The Obliterator has tracked down the Silver Surfer and Mantis near the Crab Nebula with the intent of destroying them so they do not thwart the Elder's plan to destroy Galactus. The Surfer manages to strand the Obliterator on a nearby planet, thus allowing them to escape him. However, they realize that they need to stop the Elder's plan for the sake of the entire universe.

Meanwhile on the Skrull world of Tarakar, Emperor Kylor tries to deal with the fact that Jemiah the Analyzer stands watch over his world. When trying to get direct answers from the Celestial fails, Kylor decides instead to have it attacked. However, none of the weapons they throw at the cosmic being have any effect. At the same time, the Kree army sends in one of their spies to Tarakar to determine the current status of the Skrull Empire. This plan fails when the Skrull bio-detectors betray his presence and he is captured by the Skrull authorities.

The Silver Surfer and Mantis find refuge on a nearby planet, but are soon attacked again by the Obliterator. During their fight, Mantis is seemingly killed which prompts the Surfer to lash out. Unable to kill the Elder, the Surfer instead uses his power cosmic to convert the Obliterators weapons into harmless devices. Trapped on the planet and unable to fulfill his obsession to kill, he falls over in defeat and agrees to tell everything he knows about the Elder's plan. Mantis turns out to be still alive, having switched to a new plant body prior to her old bodies destruction.

As the two rejoice over Mantis' safe return and their victory over the Obliterator, Emperor Kylor has sent out a fleet of his Skrull army to attack the Kree and begin the second Kree-Skrull War.

Solicit Synopsis

For five billion years the Elder of the Universe Obliterator has been annihilating galaxies. Now his sights are set on the Silver Surfer and Mantis!


  • The Silver Surfer and Nova successfully infiltrated the Elders of the Universe's last meeting on Ego, The Living Planet. [1]
  • Mantis helped the Silver Surfer heal from his injuries battling the Runner. [2]
  • The Champion was defeated by the Silver Surfer while he was still on Earth. [3]
  • Galactus pardoned the Silver Surfer after he saved Nova from the Skrulls. [3]
  • Mantis and the Silver Surfer kissed after they escaped the Elders of the Universe. [1]
  • The Silver Surfer and Shalla-Bal kissed only once during his banishment on Earth and at the time her mind had been clouded by Mephisto so that she didn't even know who she was. [4]
  • Shalla-Bal told the Silver Surfer that she needed to put Zenn-La before him. [5]
  • The Silver Surfer mentions that he had been a herald to Galactus for "centuries." Before this, it was assumed that his time as herald was much shorter. This was based on the reply in a letter column of Silver Surfer Vol 1 where it was reported that he had been herald for only a few years. [6]
  • Meeting Alicia Masters awakened the Silver Surfer's humanity and motivated him to betray Galactus and save Earth. [7]
  • The Runner failed to kill the Silver Surfer during their previous battle. [2]
  • The Champion was defeated by the Silver Surfer while he was still on Earth. [3]


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