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Quote1 Seize the future, man-! Quote2
Mantis Brandt

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Synopsis for "War"

Brief Summary:
The Skrulls attack the Kree, taking them by surprise. The Kree plan their counter attack, unaware that a Skrull spy is hidden among them. The Silver Surfer and Mantis learn from the Obliterator that the Elders plan to kill Galactus and thus the universe. When a new universe is reborn, they will be the lone survivors and the newest versions of Galactus. The Silver Surfer and Mantis rush to Earth to stop them, but the Surfer is forced to abandon this plan when Shalla Bal asks him to protect Zenn-La.

Silver Surfer Vol 3 6 page 1

Detailed Summary:
Kylor's attack fleet is engaging the Kree forces as he plans out a strategy. Things aren't going so well due to internal struggles within the Skrull command, especially with Aptak, a decorated strategist who is trapped in a female body form due to the genetics bomb that locked the Skrulls shape-shifting powers. While on Kree-Lar, the Supreme Intelligence meets with Nenora, Tus-Katt, and Phae-Dorr to figure out the next wave of Kree activity in this current Kree/Skrull war.

While on the planet Gullish Yar, the Silver Surfer and Mantis question the defeated Obliterator about the Elders plans for Galactus. The Obliterator tells them, like all the Elders of the Universe, he's one of the oldest beings in the universe. He attributes his long life to his obsession with obliterating things. He had become the lone survivor of his home world due to his dedication to obliteration, which brought him to destroy his entire planet. He explains that over the years he met the other Elders of the Universe and that they became a close knit group. However, upon discovering Galactus (a being older than them, because he was the last survivor of the previous universe), they decided to destroy him. He explains that with the destruction of Galactus, it would cause an upset in the universal balance between Death and Eternity and that existence itself would collapse. Their plan becomes clear. Because the Elders are immortal, the collapse of the universe would cause them to become beings just like Galactus when a new universe ultimately forms. Thus, making them the true Elders of this new universe. He also tells them that the Elders have gathered on Earth.

The Silver Surfer and Mantis resolve to stop the Elders and leave the Obliterator behind on the planet. As the Surfer is forced to come to terms over his feelings towards Mantis, the Supreme Intelligence determines that there is a traitor in their midst. Supremor destroys his pet Nullet who he suspects is a spy, unaware that it's really Nenora who's the spy. Kylor has an altercation between himself and another "emperor" of the Skrull empire, Yorak. Before the Surfer and Mantis can get to Earth, the Surfer is contacted by Shalla-Bal who asks for his assistance in defending Zenn-La from an approaching Kree fleet. Norrin, bound by his promise to be the defender of Zenn-La, chooses to fulfill his duty and leaves Mantis to go after the Elders alone.

Solicit Synopsis

The last time the Skrulls battled the Kree, it took all of their shape-changing abilities just to survive. But last year, the Skrulls lost those abilities and the balance of power shifted. Now the Kree have declared war anew - and the Silver Surfer and Mantis are caught in the middle!


  • The captured Kree spy revealed to the Skrulls that the Kree already knew they had lost their shape-changing abilities. [1]
  • Galactus destroyed the Skrull throneworld in Fantastic Four #257. The Avengers learned about the resulting Skrull civil war in Avengers #259; by now "only" five rivals claim the title of emperor.
  • The Silver Surfer and Mantis defeated the Obliterator in combat and destroyed his weapons and, thus, his reason for living. [1]
  • Obliterator says that life appeared in his home planet's region of the universe ten billion years ago, his race appeared six billion years ago, he was born 5.5 billion years ago, and that other Elders are about the same age as him. Grandmaster said in Silver Surfer (Vol. 3) #4 that the Elders are the oldest living beings in the universe other than Galactus, and that their races were the first to appear in the universe.
  • The Silver Surfer discovered that he was recently led to Earth by the subconscious encouragements of Mantis.[2] While on Earth, he helped the Avengers fight the Grandmaster.[3] [4]
  • The Silver Surfer and Nova successfully infiltrated the Elders of the Universe's last meeting on Ego, The Living Planet.[2]
  • Shalla-Bal told the Silver Surfer that she needed to put Zenn-La before him. The Silver Surfer swore to her that he would be the protector of Zenn-La. [5]
  • Meeting Alicia Masters awakened the Silver Surfer's humanity and motivated him to betray Galactus and save Earth. [6]


  • The "Bulletin Board" letter column has letters published from: Richard Robinson, Joe Frank, and Tim Karter.

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