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Silver Surfer has been contacted by The Collector to meet him in the ruins of his ship. where he is met by an outdated sentry which he quickly destroys. After some time The Collector finally shows him self and request that the silver surfer retrieve one of the beings he collected that escaped when his ship impacted the moon. Silver Surfer agrees to the Collectors request in bringing back a Mondani Child that is infected with a madness-inducing virus in-which the surfer cosmic body will take longer to infect. While at the same time a mysterious figure is asking the collection agency to go after the Child for the virus and that their is someone else looking for the same kid. We are taken to the Byrulian Spaceport where both the silver surfer and collection agency have found out to look for her there, surfer attains information that she was last seen in a local bar. As silver surf enters the bar he is met by the barrels of the collection agency's guns

To Be Continued...

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