Quote1 This is no concern of yours, former herald. Begone! Quote2
-- Galactus

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Synopsis for "Sins of the Fathers"

Firelord, Silver Surfer, and Starfox stand outside Nebula's prison cell and discuss her catatonic condition. Geater, her former second-in-command, enters and feeds her dinner. Silver Surfer walks to the tomb of Sui-San to visit Mentor. The Titan is there to commemorate the anniversary of his wife's death. Starfox comes to inform them that Galactus was detected on Earth.

Silver Surfer travels to the Sanctum Sanctorum. He demands that Galactus release Dr. Strange and explain his purpose, but is swatted away. Silver Surfer follows them onto the Star Sphere. Galactus orders Nova to fight the Surfer and make him leave. Dr. Strange wakes, ends the battle, and explains that he had willingly agreed to join Galactus.


  • Mentor tells the Silver Surfer that his wife, Sui-San, was not killed in a nuclear accident caused by Thanos as it is believed. In fact, Thanos eviscerated her, which is not even known to Starfox.
  • As seen in the Infinity War series, Galactus and his allies are followed by Dr. Doom and Kang.

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