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Quote1.png Who are you? Who is so ignorant as to confront Galactus in his sanctum? Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "The Explorer"

Khoon demands that Nova and Silver Surfer surrender their ship to him. They refuse and fight back. Nova becomes untethered from the ship and begins falling into the dimensional corridor. Khoon catches her cable, but threatens to let go if they do not bring him inside. He confronts Galactus and explains his origin. Khoon had been an explorer and a conqueror in his dimension. He was trapped in the dimensional corridor after his ship tore apart. After Khoon reveals that his battlesuit contains navigational charts of the corridor, Galactus forcibly merges him with the ship's machines.

Meanwhile, on Titan, Geatar steals a ship and escapes with catatonic Nebula.

On an unnamed planet, Morg executes a prisoner.


  • Galactus makes Khoon a part of his Ship.
  • Kang and Dr. Doom should still be in pursuit of Galactus' Ship, but they are not seen.

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