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  • Kree Battlecruiser

Synopsis for "Triangle!"

Continued from last issue... The Silver Surfer rushes to Zenn-La in order to defend it from invading soldiers of the Kree race. The Surfer quickly immobilizes the Kree soldiers and issues them the same warning he gave the Skrulls earlier: Keep Zenn-La out of their war. However, the soldier says that he only acts on orders from the Supreme Intelligence. The Surfer decides to take it up with Supremor himself. However, he stops by to visit Shalla-Bal, the two former lovers have an argument over their failed romance, and the Surfer admits that he has found the love of another, before departing.

This other lover, Mantis, has just arrived on Earth by beaming her mind into a new plant body. There she finds the Elders of the Universe meeting in a forest. They are discussing the collection of the six Soul Gems, which they intend to use against Galactus in order to destroy the universe so that a new one would be born in which they would be the oldest and most powerful beings in that universe. However, the Elders discover Mantis and the Gardner uses his powers to bind her. She sends out a message for help through her connection to plants, this distress call is heard by Shalla-Bal.

Meanwhile, the Surfer travels to Kree-Lar to confront the Supreme Intelligence. He warns the Intelligence not to involve either Zenn-La or Earth in the current Kree/Skrull War. While the Intelligence agrees that he will leave Zenn-La alone as it has no military benefit to their war, he refuses to not involve the Earth due to the Kree's long standing interests on that planet. When the Surfer demands again, the Supreme Intelligence (using one of the Soul Gems, which he uses to keep the divergent minds of pink and blue skinned Kree's that he absorbed from fighting each other) absorbs the Silver Surfers mind, leaving his body a mindless vessel to be disposed of. The Supreme Intelligence reveals that he is in league with the Elders, by revealing to Nanora that the Contemplator is in the room with them.

This story is continued next issue...

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