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  • Kree Battlecruisers

Synopsis for "Soul, Sweet Soul"

Continued from last issue... The Silver Surfer's soul has been absorbed into the mind of the Supreme Intelligence. There he lives a surreal home life with a woman who changes from Shalla-Bal to Mantis. There he is attacked by two of the Kree minds that are within the Intelligence, prompting him to flee when a rat saves him.

While in the real world, Nenora reports the current situation about the Surfer to her superiors in the Skrull army led by Kylor. While back in Supremor's mind, the Surfer finds a companion in a talking dog. However, the Contemplator (in his astral form) finds that the Surfer has not been destroyed from this experience, and informs Supremor. The Intelligence then sicks the entire army of minds that he has absorbed into his consciousness.

The Surfer manages to fight them off, and then takes on a manifestation of the Supreme Intelligence himself (appearing as a strange dragon) The fight is a struggle, until the Surfer realizes that he can summon his board into Supremor's mind. Doing so the Surfer manages to pull himself free, taking the Soul Gem inside Supremor into his possession. This causes the neutralized minds of the pink and blue skinned Kree that Supremor to revolt, leaving the Intelligence to go mad.

Finally, on Zenn-La, Shalla-Bal attempts to contact Mantis through the plant life, however he call out to the Surfer's new love only brings trouble when the Gardener appears to answer the call.

This story is continued next issue...

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