Quote1 The Goddess... the Goddess is a false deity. You worship her because she clouds your minds. I, too, was in her thrall... but I wrested free; I know her for the tyrannical creature she is. Now you must throw off her shackles as well, please... you must see the truth in what I say. Quote2
-- Silver Surfer to Storm and Wonder Man

Appearing in "Compassion"

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Synopsis for "Compassion"

  • Synopsis not yet written.


  • Part of "Infinity Crusade" crossover.
  • Wonder Man beats Surfer until he can recharge his energies.
  • Storm and Wonder Man allow Surfer to go after he heals Wonder Man's wounds.
  • Before they found Surfer, Simon and Ororo are ordered to look out for a large black man (meaning Maxam) by Moondragon in Infinity Crusade 5.

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