Quote1 Beta Ray Bill is safe from your blood-lust Asgardian. Only you and I remain. I challenge you to stand and fight, if you do not fear me.Your mystic hammer... against the Power Cosmic! Quote2
-- Silver Surfer

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Synopsis for "Friends & Foes"

The Silver Surfer is passing by, and happens to notice Thor about to kill Beta Ray Bill. Surfer manages to intervene, and then he and Thor begin to battle, giving Bill time to recover and join in. During the battle, Thor speaks to the Mind Valkyrie and draws strength from her, enough to incapacitate Bill. The Surfer sends his board to carry Bill away from the battle, where he is intercepted by Sif, who takes them both to Asgard. Thor manages to smash the Surfer, sending him plummeting to the planet below them. But when he arrives there to finish the job, Thor finds Pip the Troll and Adam Warlock waiting for him.


This is part 2 of the Blood and Thunder storyline, following Thor #468, and continuing into Warlock Chronicles #6.

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