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Quote1 Like I said... scary... ain't he? Quote2
Pip the Troll

Appearing in "Common Enemy"

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Synopsis for "Common Enemy"

Having transported himself, Thor, Silver Surfer, and Mind Valkyrie to Thanos' ship, Pip hides out on a balcony and watches the raging battle between Thanos and Thor and between Mind Valkyrie and Silver Surfer. Thor and Thanos go toe to toe for a while, with Thanos apparently enjoying the conflict for a while. Surfer manages to defeat the Valkyrie, when Thanos simply turns around and leaves the room. Thor thinks that he is running from him, but Thanos returns with a gun, and uses it to encase Thor in a stasis field. Just then, the rest of the heroes appear, when Thanos tells them that the field will not hold Thor for long, and if they are going to cure him, the should do so quickly because as soon as he is free, Thor will undoubtedly destroy them all.


This is part 10 of the Blood and Thunder storyline, following Mighty Thor Vol 1 470, and continuing directly into Warlock Chronicles Vol 1 8.

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