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Synopsis for "Doomsday"

Brief Summary:
The Elders of the Universe hold Mantis and Shalla-Bal hostage until the Silver Surfer brings them the remaining Soul Gem. The Surfer agrees to their bargain, but is forced into action when the Grandmaster sends the two women hurtling through space trapped in a ball of energy. He is able to free them from the trap, but this act initiates an explosion from which the Surfer is only able to save Shalla-Bal. The Surfer returns to the Elders for revenge, but instead helps Nova save Galactus from their lethal weapon by exploding a sun and creating a black hole. Galactus saves them from the black hole and promises his own revenge against the Elders.

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Detailed Summary:
The Elders of the Universe have built a device which they intend to use with their collection of Soul Gems to destroy Galactus. All that is left is for them to find the Silver Surfer, who has the remaining gem. The Surfer is informed by the Gardener that they are holding both Shalla-Bal and Mantis hostage and that he should bring his gem to their present location near the Cone Nebula. When the Surfer arrives he turns over the Soul Gem in exchange for the women's freedom. However, the Grandmaster quickly sends the women away in a ball of energy which threatens to explode if touched. The Surfer quickly chases down the ball of energy and frees them from their confines. Unfortunately, the Surfer only has time to grab one of them and, although he also reached out to save Mantis, he ends up only pulling Shalla-Bal free. Mantis is seemingly killed in the explosion.

The Surfer drops Shalla-Bal off some place safe before getting heading back to get his revenge against the Elders. Meanwhile, the Elders have confronted Galactus and Nova and begin activating their device with the intent to kill the world devourer. The device is activated towards Galactus, which begins slowly killing him.

The Surfer arrives and, with the help of Nova, they make a nearby sun collapse and turn into a black hole. As the energy from the explosion recharges Galactus, the black hole sucks in the Soul Gems as well as the Possessor, Trader, and Astronomer. With Galactus back at full strength, he saves the remaining Elders, Nova, and the Surfer and intends to get his revenge against what's left of the Elders.

Solicit Synopsis

Can even the Elders of the Universe destroy Galactus? And if they can, will the universe survive?


  • The Silver Surfer took the Soul Gem from the Supreme Intelligence as he escape from his mind. [1]
  • The Elders of the Universe captured both Mantis [2] and Shalla-Bal [1] for their plan to destroy Galactus.
  • Once the Kree found out that the Skrulls lost their shape-changing abilities, the Skrulls were forced to attack them preemptively. [3]
  • The Silver Surfer last confronted the Elders of the Universe when they met on Ego, the Living Planet. [4]
  • The Obliterator revealed the Elders of the Universe's plan to the Silver Surfer and Mantis after they defeated him. [5]
  • The Silver Surfer mentions that "centuries" have passed since he became Galactus' herald.
  • It is mentioned that the Silver Surfer and Shalla-Bal saw each other only four times after the Surfer left Zenn-La to become Galactus' herald. It was actually five times and most weren't substantial interactions.
    • The first was when Mephisto brought her to Earth, but they only talked briefly with each other before she was sent back to Zenn-La. [6]
    • The second was when she flew to Earth, but she was knocked unconscious before they saw each other and was sent back home. [7]
    • The third was when Mephisto brought Shalla-Bal back to Earth, but she was in a trance the entire time and didn't notice the Surfer. [8]
    • The fourth time was when Mephisto sent her to Latveria with an erased memory, so neither she or the Surfer knew what was going on. [9]
    • Lastly, was when the Surfer found out that Shalla-Bal really was in Latveria, but wasn't able to see her for that long before Mephisto sent her back again to Zenn-La. [10]
  • This isn't the first time the Silver Surfer has been in a black hole. During his time as Galactus' herald, the Surfer traveled through a black hole to see what was on the other side. [11]


  • As reported by Marvel: this issue was the seventh best-selling direct sales title for the publisher during the month that it was released. [12]

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