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Continued from last issue... Building a device which they intend to use with in conjunction of their collection of Soul Gems to destroy Galactus, the Elders seek to contact the Silver Surfer who has the final one they need. The Surfer is informed by the Gardener that they have both Shalla-Bal and Mantis hostage and tells the Surfer where he may find them. When the Surfer arrives he turns over the Soul Gem for the girls freedom. The Grandmaster shoots the women away, in a ball of energy which threatens to explode. The Surfer has time for only one, and although he reaches to save Mantis, he ends up pulling Shalla-Bal free, and Mantis is seemingly killed in the explosion.

The Surfer intends to drop Shalla-Bal off some place safe before getting his revenge against the Elders. Meanwhile, the Elders have confronted Galactus and Nova and begin activating their device intended to kill the wold devourer. They end up using the device against Galactus, which begins slowly killing him.

The Surfer arrives and with the help of Nova, they make a nearby sun collapse and turn into a black hole. As the energy from the explosion recharges Galactus, the black hole which forms sucks in the gems as well as the Possessor, Trader, and Astronomer. With Galactus back at full strength, he intends to get his revenge against the Elders that remain.

This story is continued next issue...

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