Quote1.png You will have no sins to be washed away even if I must prevent you from ever committing them. Quote2.png
-- The Silver Surfer

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Synopsis for "The Lesson"

...Continued from last issue. The Silver Surfer and Legacy are fighting in space, near Calculex. The Surfer tries to convince Legacy that using his powers for selfish reasons is wrong. He then asks Legacy to think about how the two got to this point and about the usage of his powers.

In the immediate past Legacy found the Surfer on Calculex and Legacy's startling of the Surfer lead to him loosing sight of the bounty hunter Raze whom he got involved with and whose punishment he wanted to see to. However Legacy delays the Surfer and convinces him that he can catch Raze at any time, but Legacy is busy, so they should talk now while he has the time. Their talk quickly escalates into a fight, concerning Legacy's role as his father's legacy and his selfish usage of his power.

Back in the present Legacy decides that he had enough of the Surfer's "self-righteous preaching" and continues their battle when the Surfer decides to end their stand-off by force. The Surfer's display of sheer power shows Legacy that being victimized, like he did to other people, is very uncomfortable and Legacy reveals how ashamed of himself he is now, as well as promising to better himself. Back on the surface of Calculex the Surfer and Legacy say their good-byes when the Surfer is stalked by Avatar. Continued next issue...

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