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The High Evolutionary uses the Power Cosmic to transform Suzie Endo into his own personal Herald called the "Seeker". Norrin Rad tackles her causing them both to fall. He tells her to "THINK and you can do ANYTHING" whereupon she sprouts cosmic wings allowing her to fly and saving them both from the plummet. She leaves Radd in the newly evolving habitat that the Evolutionary has created and he must fend for himself against the beasts that are rapidly evolving. The Future Foundation arrive and rescue him and a group of humans while containing the effect within one of Sue Storm's force fields. They neutralize and incinerate the habitat. Shortly afterward Norrin is shocked at hearing of the apparent death of Johnny Storm.

The High Evolutionary and Seeker proceed to the surface of the Moon where they begin to terraform the surface. They are confronted by the FF and Rad who succeed in re-empowering him as the Silver Surfer by channeling the Power Cosmic emitted by Suzie Endo in her attack on them.

Solicit Synopsis

A NEW HERALD RISES AS THE FF’S FUTURE FOUNDATION GUEST-STARS! High Evolutionary’s grand design is rewriting the world and Surfer can’t save us on his own. The Future Foundation joins the fight as our penultimate issue builds to a cosmic climax that will be the Silver Surfer’s greatest sacrifice ever! Plus: A herald as you’ve never seen before!

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