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Quote1 Hmm. The Silver Surfer. An interesting choice. He is powerful. Almost beyond limit. He could be the one to save us. But a Herald...? Death and destruction follow them wherever they go. Quote2
Incredulous Zed

Appearing in "The Most Important Person in the Universe"

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  • Power Cosmic (Main story and flashback)
  • Cambots (First appearance)
  • The Motivator (First appearance)


Synopsis for "The Most Important Person in the Universe"

Twelve years ago, in Anchor Bay, Massachusetts, Reg Greenwood shows a shooting star to his twin daughters, Dawn and Eve, and tells them to make a wish. While Eve wishes to go everywhere there is something to see on Earth, Dawn wishes for the star to stay up in the sky forever and never fall down. Eve calls it a stupid wish, but Dawn's father reassures her, saying that Anchor Bay is the nicest spot on Earth, so there is no need to travel. Unbeknownst to them, the "shooting star" is actually Galactus's herald, the Silver Surfer, sent by his master to decide whether Earth is a good place to devour or not. The Surfer thinks it is, and resolves to make it all burn.

Right now, in the Brundlebus Nebula, the Surfer uses his Power cosmic to rekindle a small sun and consequently save the lives of billions of inhabitants of the planet Brundlebus 3. As the populace gives him thanks, two bots come out of nowhere greet him as their "Champion" and before he can answer they teleport him to the Impericon, "one of the greatest wonders in all of time and space", according to the red bot.

In Anchor Bay, Dawn sticks to her room wall a new photo of the many travels her sister Eve is undertaking, this time in Pisa, Italy. Dawn now works with her father at the "Greenwood Inn", a bed and breakfast they opened in their beloved town, while Eve brings tourists in working as a travel agent around the world.

The bots explain to Silver Surfer why he's never heard of the Impericon, even though he has seen all of the galaxy and can sense every living thing in existence. By design, the Impericon is being kept a secret from Galactus's heralds through unknown powers and the oath of all its visitors to never tell about it. Suddenly, the Surfer is attacked by the Gatekeepers of the realm, but he subdues them with little effort through his powers. He is then immediately greeted by the Incredulous Zed, a strange creature with two mouths in charge of the realm: he explains that the Gatekeepers hadn't been informed of his arrival so they assumed he had bad intentions. He then lowers the shields to reveal an absurd, colorful planet made of humongous buildings: the Impericon.

While Dawn and her father show the tourists around the Greenwood Inn, the Incredulous Zed shows the Surfer around the Impericon, also known as "The Impossible Palace" because its structures defy the laws of physics and logic. Trillions of adventurers around here have fun in the Impericon and not one of them have told the Surfer about it. Zed activates the Motivator, a device that sees inside any individual providing a "proper incentive" for him to accept the Champion's task.

In Anchor Bay, Dawn is sitting on her bed, reflecting on her life as opposed to that of her sister's, when she's teleported, along with her whole room, to a cell in the Impericon. Around her are many other creatures locked in other cells. Meanwhile, Zod tells the Surfer that the Motivator has decided he's the right man for the job and the Surfer asks more informations about it. Zod explains that the Impericon is threatened by a very powerful being, the Queen of Nevers, whom seeks to gain even more power by seizing its energy source. The bots show the Surfer what happened to one of the previous Champions, a Battlejack: after he boldly taunted the Queen, he was easily destroyed by her immense powers and he eventually "expired". Zed also adds that the Motivator's actual goal is to find the most important person for the Champion and abduct them, to really "motivate" them to do what it takes to take the Queen down. The Surfer gets really angry about it, but at this point he orders Zed to show him who, amongst his many friends and relatives, the Motivator has chosen. As Zed shows him a Dawn in despair, the Surfer claims he has no idea who that is.

Solicit Synopsis


• The universe is big. Bigger than you could ever imagine. And the SILVER SURFER, the lone sentinel of the skyways, is about to discover that the best way to see it... is with someone else.

• Meet the Earth Girl who’s challenged the Surfer to go beyond the boundaries of the known Marvel U-- into the strange, the new, and the utterly fantastic!

• Anywhere and Everywhere... Hang On! THE SILVER SURFER!


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