Dawn Greenwood
Look, it came out of nowhere.
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Norrin Radd (Earth-616)
Silver Surfer
Dawn, it's a planet.
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Dawn Greenwood
It was a very sudden planet.
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Appearing in "Worlds Apart"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

Races and Species:


  • Newhaven (First appearance)
  • Chiron Cluster (First appearance)
  • Logar (First appearance) (Only in flashback) (Destruction)
  • Vydos (First appearance) (Only in flashback) (Destruction)
  • Maxiji Prime (First appearance) (Only in flashback) (Destruction)
  • Brog World (First appearance) (Only in flashback) (Destruction)



Synopsis for "Worlds Apart"

  • Synopsis not yet written.

Solicit Synopsis

“The Damnation Dilemma”

• The Surfer finds himself drawn to the most “unlikely planet” he’s ever sensed in all his cosmic travels. A population of 666 billion sentient beings... made up of 666.667 billion races. What is the secret of the world where practically no two lifeforms are the same?

• And while Norrin Radd deals with this mystery, Dawn Greenwood comes face-to-face with “The Greatest Monster In The Galaxy!”

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