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Quote1.png Nuh-uh! No! First you didn't tell me about Galactus and all the planet-eating! Then Alicia Masters. Now crazy ex-girlfriend from outer space! What's next? Are you even silver? Do you actually surf?! Quote2.png
Dawn Greenwood

Appearing in "I Stand With Earth!"

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Synopsis for "I Stand With Earth!"

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Solicit Synopsis

Special 50th Anniversary issue!

• In 1966, the heroes of Earth met Norrin Radd of Zenn-La, The Silver Surfer.

• In 2016, for the greatest stakes of all time, he will have to fight them all.

• Not a dream. Not a hoax. This is really happening. A major turning point in the life of Norrin Radd that will profoundly change the saga of the Silver Surfer!

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