Silvermane was an elderly crimelord who once admired the Kingpin, but came to despise him as he continued to fail to destroy Spider-Man, the biggest threat to New York City's crime cartel. He was kidnapped by the Kingpin's Insidious Six after Silvermane announced war on the Kingpin for once again failing to destroy Spider-Man. Spider-Man, who was unaware that the old man was a crimelord, saved him and defeated the Six.

Silvermane is obsessed with the secret of youth and immortality, although the plot explains that he never had a happy or even normal childhood, which can explain why he is a criminal. Silvermane, as in the comics, gets the Tablet of Time. He then uses his daughter Alisa to infiltrate in Dr. Curt Connors' research; she does so using the alias of Alisa Silvers, and then she manages to kidnap Connors and his wife. The Tablet is not a formula for a bio-chemical compound, but a radioactive artefact that, when activated by the proper sunlight, bathes Silvermane in green light and transforms him into a young man who fights the Lizard (Connors' alter ego) and then, into a baby. The Lizard's body reacts differently to the radiation and he becomes human again.

Soon afterwards, Hammerhead, working for the Kingpin, steals the Tablet (although Connors wanted to use it to stabilize Spider-Man's mutations), but Kingpin, due to personal problems, orders Hammerhead to get rid of the Tablet. Hammerhead then sends the Tablet to an old man, who would use the Tablet and transform back and forth in age uncontrollable.

It turns out that "Baby" Silvermane had retained his adult intellect and, working alongside Alisa, hires Alistair Smythe to kidnap Spider-Man's friend and associate the Black Cat and then blackmail Spider-Man to kidnap the Scorpion. "Baby Silvermane" wanted to use genetically-mutated Scorpion to combine his genetic structure with that of a scorpion, and then swap bodies with Spider-Man.

However, the Scorpion was trying to go straight alongside the Vulture, one of the originators of his own mutations. The Vulture wanted to use Silvermane's lab to become young again and forever. During the neo-genic transfer, the Vulture attacked and this allowed Spider-Man, the Black Cat and Scorpion to escape. Silvermane and the Vulture fought in an energy exchange in the neo-genic transfer. As a result, the Vulture became young full time, but Silvermane reverted to his elderly self (much to his chagrin).

Silvermane as a baby.


Seemingly those of Silvio Manfredi (Earth-616)#Powers


Seemingly those of Silvio Manfredi (Earth-616)#Abilities.


  • In Spider-Man: The Animated Series, Silvermane was voiced by Jeff Corey in his old form, Townsend Coleman in his youth form, Matthew McCurley in his child form and Cannon Young in his baby form.

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