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The Simbi are a race of Snake-Men with six arms and snake tails instead of legs. They were one of the several species that comprised the Originators of Wakanda, the group of species that inhabited the land before men pilgrimaged. Both cultures originally co-existed peacefully, until conflict broke out when the humans started abusing the resources of the land. The Originators routed the humans, but as a result, the Gods of Wakanda came to existence from the heroes of these people. The Gods of Wakanda and the humans then fought back and banished the Originators to the Nether-Realms.[2]

Centuries later, groups of Simbi started emerging from a mysterious portal in Birnin Kashin and attacked villagers. While investigating rumors of these Snake-Men, Black Panther encountered and defeated a group of Simbi, with one of them heralding the return of the Originators. The portal the creatures emerged from remained opened, but no new Simbi emerged from it.

A new portal appeared in another part of Wakanda, and Black Panther enlisted the help of the Hatut Zeraze, Eden Fesi and Shuri to hold them back until the shamans could conjure a ritual to vanish them in the name of the Orisha. The ritual mysteriously failed, but the invading Simbi were killed regardless.[1]


  • Records of the Simbi after their banishment claimed they were a warrior race that once plagued the ancestors of the Wakandans, raiding villages for labor. Certain records establish Mari-Djata vanquished them.[1]
  • There is a possibility that the race also worshiped the Elder God Set since a shrine dedicated to Set was found in Wakanda housing the Serpent Scepter.[3]

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