The Rawhide Kid is present during the trial of Trigger Flaig. Expecting a guilty verdict he and the rest of the court room is shocked when Judge Jim Blake finds him innocent. When the locals try to react violently against Blake, the Kid stops them reminding them that they have to respect the decisions of the law. In private, the Kid tries to get answers out of the judge but the clearly shaken lawman refuses to explain himself, even at when considering how his ruling would effect his son Simmie.

Meanwhile, at the local school house, news of his father's judgement of Trigger Flaig reaches the other kids and they begin to pick on Simmie. However, Randy Clayton -- the Rawhide Kid's ward -- comes to Simmie's defence and the fight is soon broken up by the arrival of the Rawhide Kid. The Kid finds Simmie upset that his father would let a guilty man go free and tells the boy not to worry about it as he shouldn't worry about the decisions that adults are forced to make. He then sends Randy to ride part way home with Simmie.

The next day Randy rushes home to school to tell the Kid that Simmie wasn't at school that day. They then rush to the Blake home and find Simmie crying, clutching a letter from his father telling the young lad that he was leaving and that Simmie was better off growing up without him. The Kid then invited Simmie to stay at their place while he worked at figuring out what happened. He went to confront Trigger Flaig, vowing to find out how he managed to dodge the law, leading to a brief scuffle that the Rawhide Kid won. The Rawhide Kid then spent the next few days tracking down Jim Blake, finding him working on a ranch in another town under an assume name. Demanding answers, the Kid learns how the Trigger threatened to have his men kill Simmie and had guns at his back during the trial to ensure that Blake found him interest.

The Kid then convinced Blake to return home to Shotgun City, there the Kid rounded up Trigger and his gang. They are then dragged out to the street where the judge retries them "Pecos Justice" style with the jury on horseback and Trigger and his gang are found guilty of their crimes. With Trigger and his cohorts in jail, Judge Blake is reunited with his son.



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