Chemist Simon Drudd and his assistant Bentley had tried for quite some time to find a youth serum which would reverse the ageing process. They had tried everything from the legendary formulas of the ancients to the most modern scientific breakthroughs. They had little success, however, and gained only ridicule from their colleagues and the public for their efforts. One day Drudd finally created a youth serum which he believed would work, but rather than tell the world as Bentely believed he would do, Drudd told him that he intended to be the only person to ever take the serum.

Simon Drudd (Earth-616) 2


Drudd then forced Bentely into a freezer at gunpoint and told him of his diabolical scheme. He intended to take the formula every 20 years in order to live forever. He believed that he would be able to accumulate more knowledge and experience than anyone else on Earth and would therefore be able to become ruler of Earth in a few centuries. He then took the serum, which did work. However, it caused Drudd to revert back to a child, then an infant, until he regressed so much that he siimply ceased to exist, leaving nothing but a pile of clothes on the floor for the police to discover.[1]


Gifted intellect, gifted chemist


Drudd had discovered a youth serum.


Luger pistol.

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