Simon Janson in human form (Earth-616) Fantastic Four Vol 1 394

Professor Jenson

Professor Simon Janson was a professor of archaeology who worked for Empire State University. When he went on a dig in Oklahoma on Keewazi land, his student Bridget O'Neil brought her friend the Human Torch with her on the dig due to the fact that his best friend Wyatt Wingfoot was chief of the Keewazi. While Johnny was reunited with Wyatt and their mutual friend She-Hulk, Janson's team uncovered a strange totem pole that was buried in the ground. Keewazi elder Stalking Fox recognized it as the totem belonging to Raptor the Renegade and warned the archaeologist from removing the object from the ground. Janson refused to do such a thing and got the police and Wyatt to quiet down Stalking Fox so he could continue his work.

However when Simon later cut his finger on the totem and dripped blood upon it, he activated the mystical spell that caused him to become a vessel for Raptor, an ancient demon banished within the totem pole by Native Americans centuries earlier. Raptor went on a rampage on the dig site until the Human Torch incinerated the totem pole causing Raptor's essence to leave Janson, restoring him to human form.[1] Afterwards Janson was grateful to the Torch for saving his life.[2]

His subsequent activities are unknown.


Power Grid [3]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills
* as possessed by Raptor

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