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Quote1.png Depending on who you ask, he's either the city's bright future, or everything that's wrong with it. Quote2.png


Simon Krieger was the head of R&D for Roxxon. After Roxxon researcher Rick Mason created a new form of energy called NuForm, Kreiger took credit for its creation. However, long term exposure to NuForm caused people to become terminally ill. So, Mason tried to destroy NuForm, but Krieger killed Mason to prevent this. Mason's sister Phin swore revenge on Roxxon and Krieger for her brother's death. So, she tried to sabotage Roxxon's NuForm reactor so it would blow up. However, Krieger had tampered with the reactor so when it blew up, it wouldn't just destroy the complex but all of Harlem. This scenario was prevented by Phin and Spider-Man at the cost of Phin's life. Krieger was later arrested for his crimes after Spider-Man released evidence of his wrongdoing and his minion the Prowler turned himself in and agreed to testify against him.[1]


  • Simon is thirty-seven years old.[1]

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