Simon Leech was an outlaw who was active during the days of the American Frontier. Arrested and found guilty of his crimes he was left to hang by a tree. His executioners did not find it fit to stay until he had died, and so Leech was rescued by two other outlaws named Luke Foyle and Mize Callum. To their surprise, even though Leech's neck was broken, he still survived. Not willing to die a cripple, Simon demanded that the two men bring him to Goat Hill to see a renegade Native American named Forked Tongue, a medicine man whom Leech believed could restore his mobility.

Foyle and Callum did just that, and Forked Tongue told them to wait at the base of the mountain for three days, warning that if they left sooner they would meet sudden death. Afraid for their lives, the two outlaws did just that and they were horrified three days later when Simon Leech came down from the mountain on his own two legs -- still with a broken neck and a noose around his neck.

Simon utilized the fear he generated from people to gather up a posse of men and ravage frontier towns. The superstitious townspeople of each town became too fearful to oppose Leech and his posse. This was until the famous outlaw hero Kid Colt learned about Leech's reign of terror.

Following Leech and his posse to the town of White Horse Gulch, Kid Colt prepared an ambush for the outlaw. The Kid succeeded in gunning down Leech's entire gang with a rifle and then pumped all the rounds in his trademark Colt pistols into Simon Leech's guts. Leech fell off his horse and died grasping at Kid Colt's jeans, his dying words were "C'mon stranger! The G... Glory trail is waitin'..."[1]


Through seemingly mystical means, Simon Leech regained normal mobility even though his neck was broken.


Prior to having his mobility restored, Simon Leech was partially paralysed due to his broken neck. He was unable to walk but still had full mobility in his right arm.


Leech has a noose tied around his neck.


Leech rode a horse.


Leech carried a pair of six-guns.

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